Friday, 8 July 2016

Knowsley Safari Park

If you follow me on social media you will have seen that we went to Liverpool for a couple of days last week. The main reason we went over was to visit Knowsley Safari Park who have been running a great discount where you pay £10 per car for entry.

Knowsley safari park, zebra

We had been to Mattel Play and stayed the night in a hotel near to the Safari park so we could head straight there. We woke up to absolutely awful weather,  it was pouring with rain, naturally at that point I realised that I had forgotten any closed toe shoes for myself so we had to go via a supermarket so I could buy some suitable footwear.

It was still raining when we got to Knowsley, i had booked online so just gave my code at the entrance, picked up our maps and stickers for the boys and headed straight in. We decided as it was rainy and Barney was fast asleep we would drive the safari part first and hope the rain eased off. I was worried we wouldn't see many animals but I was wrong. There were plenty of animals out including rhinos and zebras (though they were sensibly hiding under the trees!), there weren't many other cars so we really took our time and by the time we had finished and went to park the rain had stopped and it had brightened up.

We went for something to eat and a toilet stop before exploring more . To be honest we were so stuffed from our breakfasts we didn't end up eating much but the boys had a kids sandwich box which they enjoyed and it was good value(around £4 I think). Then we headed to the animals that you can see by foot. For us the highlights were the giraffes, elephants and sea lions. We watched the sea lion show and it was brilliant the boys loved it. We didn't see all the animals as we were running get out of time and wanted to go around the safari drive again before leaving!

We popped to the shop before going back to the car and the boys picked up a soft toy each and some cars (of course!). We actually ended up driving around the safari two more times as the boys enjoyed it so much. We braved the baboon enclosure which was great fun, luckily our car came out unscathed(apart from very mucky!) but we did see a car missing half of its number plate, oops!

Knowsley safari park, zebras

Knowsley safari park,  rhino

Knowsley safari park, elephant

Knowsley safari park, meerkats

Knowsley safari park, sea lion

Knowsley safari park, ostrich

Knowsley safari park, camel

Knowsley safari park

Knowsley safari park,

Knowsley safari park, baboon

We had a really enjoyable day at Knowsley and are definitely hoping to visit again to see the parts we missed out on this time.

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