Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Nostell Priory Wakefield

You probably know by now that I love to take the boys to explore different places and last week we headed to our local National Trust site which is Nostell Priory in Wakefield. We have never visited before for some reason despite me living in Wakefield for quite a few years. Anyway as the weather had been so lovely and warm we decided to take a picnic and spend the day there.

We visited on a Sunday so I expected it to be really busy but in fact it wasn't too bad, although there were lots of cars in the carpark (£3 for non members) we didn't find that it felt overly busy at all. We parked up and headed up the path to the house and gardens.

Nostell Priory Wakefield

Once we had our tickets and a map we headed through to the gardens. The boys wanted to explore the kitchen gardens  (unfortunately the rose garden was closed for a wedding) and they loved exploring the paths and looking at the fruit and veg growing there.

Nostell Priory Wakefield,  kitchen gardens

Nostell Priory Wakefield,  kitchen gardens, lettuce growing

After this we explored the play area, I have to say I thought this area was great as it is set in woodland and the play equipment is in keeping with that. There is equipment for children of all ages and even a minibeast area with a minibeast mansion and wood to lift and look under. We managed to spot some beetles and slugs.

Nostell Priory Wakefield, play area

Nostell Priory Wakefield,  national trust, play area

Nostell Priory Wakefield, play area, national trust

National Trust Wakefield, minibeast zone, national trust

Nostell Priory Wakefield,  national trust, minibeast zone

After a good play we decided to head to the lakeside and walk around and stopped for our picnic on the way. The lake is really pretty with ducks and swans, we even had a duck join us for our picnic although the boys weren't too pleased!

Nostell Priory Wakefield,  national trust,

Nostell Priory Wakefield,  lake, national trust

After lunch we headed back to the house and unfortunately it did start to rain but we managed to find a large tree to shelter under until it slowed down and then we headed inside the house itself. Sebastian is really into looking around houses at the moment and while he is young, he is definitely picking up information and it is a good introduction to history for him.
The house dates from the 18th century and is home to Chippendale furniture, various paintings and a gorgeous 18th century dolls house which I loved seeing, We were invited to write down what would go into our own dream house and of course there was a lego  room and a cake room.

Nostell Priory Wakefield,  national trust

Nostell Priory Wakefield

Nostell Priory Wakefield, national trust

Nostell Priory Wakefield,  national trust,  coving

Nostell Priory  Wakefield

Nostell Priory Wakefield, national trust

Nostell Priory Wakefield, dining room

Nostell Priory Wakefield,

Nostell Priory wakefield

Nostell Priory Wakefield, national trust

Nostell Priory Wakefield

I have to compliment all the staff in the house, everybody was so friendly and helpful and knowledgeable too. I am aware that not everybody appreciates young children visiting these kinds of places but they were very family friendly.

Once we had looked around the house we took the boys back to the play area to let off some steam before popping into the shop (I cannot resist a gift shop) and heading home. We had a great day at Nostell and will hopefully visit again soon and perhaps join the National Trust as I would love to go to more sites.

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