Thursday, 21 July 2016

Our first year home educating

The academic year is drawing to a close and the summer holidays starting. This means we have now completed our first year home educating. Way back in September Sebs peers began their school journeys in reception year and he stayed at home with me.

The year has gone incredibly fast and we met lovely people, visited so many fun places and read so many books. We have grown potatoes, watched the butterfly lifecycle take place, ridden in a fire engine,  visited museums, walked for miles noting the changes in nature as seasons pass. Alongside that we have read countless books, worked out endless sums, made sculptures at The Hepworth and pizzas at Pizza Express, learnt about dinosaurs and wind power and farming. These things are just off the top of my head, there is much much more.
Seb is happy, thriving, full of curiosity about the world and amazes me with the things he absorbs. I am so proud of him and the lovely boy he is. He currently has no desire to be in school, he knows what school is and what happens there and that the option is there.

Along the way I have found myself changing.  I started the year with a terms worth of carefully structured weekly plans but have ended it far more autonomously. I have learnt that we work better at our own pace, that some things don't go as expected and that is fine, we can change tack, come back to it another day or time, i feel we are lucky to have the freedom to do that after all we all learn best when we are interested in engaged.
I don't think we will ever be fully autonomous, I still have ideas of topics we can look at and I like to ensure we include reading and maths most days. The reading can be anything from a lego magazine to a recipe to a chapter book and the maths can include using a tape measure, playing games and sharing biscuits out equally alongside more traditional looking work. I always have lots of worksheets printed and available and things like that go into a file along with other work which I am planning to keep for when Sebastian is older. I have also taken endless photographs this year even more than I usually would take as a blogger.

Now Seb is obviously of school age we have had lots of people when out and about asking us about school and lots of conversations about home ed. People are interested, many don't even realise home ed is an option and I have been asked the same questions again and again but I enjoy talking about it. Mostly people are positive but of course not everyone agrees with it, over the year I have only had one really negative experience towards myself and that was online.

We have said we would take our home ed journey one year at a time but to be honest we haven't even considered changing things at the moment and it hasn't been discussed, Seb will continue being home educated and we haven't applied or looked at nurseries for Alex. One year in and going strong!

Our first year home educating

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