Monday, 18 July 2016

Our weekly meal plan 18/7

Happy Monday Meal Planners! It's the start of the week again and it looks like we are in for a scorcher!
Yet again last week we missed one meal off of our plan, boo. Must do better! However our homemade pizza was amazing, the warmer weather definitely helped the dough to rise.

Our weekly meal plan, homemade pizza

This week we are eating out of the freezer, it is so full and needs defrosting so I did an inventory and we are on a mission to get it empty so every single meal has something from there, at least it means less cooking for me! We have quite a busy week planned so it works out well. The other bonus is that we didn't need to buy all that much shopping, just fresh bits so I had a fairly cheap weekly shop.
I don't usually write what we'll be eating for lunches but this week those will be from the freezer too, so a couple of soups, pitta pizzas, pasta with homemade sauce and banana bread. We are also out for a picnic one day and lunch at Pizza Express another day.

Our weekly meal plan 18/7

Monday Fish Finger sandwiches, potato waffles and veg

Tuesday Pork and Apple burgers with sweet potato fries and mini corn on the cob for the boys , chicken burger for me

Wednesday Fish Pie for the boys, Omlette for me 

Thursday Toad in the hole with cheese and onion mash

Friday Chilli with pasta

Saturday Cheese and bacon crispbakes for Phil and me, chicken nuggets for the boys

Sunday Roast Chicken, rosemary potatoes, stuffing, yorkshire puddings, peas, carrots and gravy

Unfortunately the Meal Planning Monday linky is no longer running, but the good news is the meal planning is carrying on in the form of a blog hop. Why not join us?

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