Friday, 8 July 2016

Three months post partum

So I am three months post partum and after a slow recovery from my third c section I am now feeling really good. I didn't actually realise how rubbish I felt until I felt better if that makes sense? As well as recovering from the c section and the infections I also had low iron after Barney arrived and felt so tired but it seems to have levelled out as I feel pretty energetic these days even with early wake ups.  I had a phone appointment with my heath visitor who commented on how I sounded really happy and relaxed and I definitely feel it.

I have noticed that I have lost some weight, i don't own scales, but I am fitting into some clothes that I haven't fitted into since before I was pregnant with Sebastian back in 2010. Needless to say, they don't fit the same way, my body is different after carrying three children and having 3 cesarean sections in 5 years, my stomach muscles are pretty wrecked. I don't want the body of a 20 year old but I do want to build on the weight I have already lost and tone up with some exercise.
Joining a class isn't really an option for me as Phil works odd shifts and has different days off each week, so I am thinking about some gentle things I can do at home  I am also thinking about getting a fitness tracker as I think it will really motivate me to move more. I am quite competitive so the idea of working against myself (or someone else) appeals to me and walking is something I do everyday and can easily do with the boys in tow even if I just do laps around the garden! I also want to get back into taking the boys swimming.

I am also starting to look at updating my wardrobe. Back in the dim and distant past I used to have a fashion blog and spemt all of my spare cash on clothes and make up, i still love clothes but my wardrobe has been a bit neglected of late so definately needs a bit of tlc. I
Finally I am getting my hair chopped, at the moment it is long and down to my waist but it is always tied back in a bun and so I am going for the chop and will probably dye it too. I actually hate going to the hairdressers but once your hair is done it always feels so much nicer and gives a confidence boost and I find shorter hair easier to look after day to day.

I feel really positive about making a few changes over the next few months.

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