Saturday, 2 July 2016

Tissue Paper Butterfly collage

Another butterfly craft from me today to alongside our recent butterfly project. Following on from our Butterfly Paintings we went on to make some tissue paper butterfly collages.

Again this another really simple craft project but uses lots of fine motor skills as I had the boys using scissors which they absolutely love doing at the moment. For younger children you could have them rip the paper up instead.

Toddler cutting tissue paper collage, tissue paper butterflies

I printed out some large butterfly wings and gave these to the boys along with a pile of various coloured tissue paper. The boys used their scissors to cut the tissue paper, I started by cutting a piece of the kind of size needed for our collage so they had a guide, the visual is easier for children to work with instead of an explanation. We made the wings into collages using the tissue paper and PVA glue.

Once the wings dried I cut them out and we attached them to a craft lollipop stick for the body and left dry. I loved how these turned out, another piece of work for the boys to be proud of.

Tissue paper butterfly collage, kids crafts

Tissue paper butterfly collage, kids craft

I hope you like our Tissue Paper Butterfly Collages as much as we do.

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