Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Barney at four months

Wahhh Barney is four months old, yep it is a cliché but the months really do seem to be flying past at the speed of light. It has probably been the most tiring month we have had so far though!

This last few weeks have been a bit unsettled, he started waking in the night again and being unsettled in the day but we seem to be coming to the end of it now. We all know that sleep breeds sleeps in babies and with him being unsettled in the day it followed through to the nights. He has now started to have two obvious naps in the day, a short one mid morning and a longer one in the afternoon and lots of awake time. He tends to be ready for bed at around 7pm and awake for the day around 7-8am.

He is now taking 7oz bottles and his feeds are spacing out a little more. When we last weighed him a few weeks back he was 15lb 6. He is still wearing 3-6 months clothing with the odd 6-9 month item. He outgrew his carrycot so is now in the pushchair seat. It feels like he is too young for it but we have a from birth pushchair so at least he can lay flat in that.
His eyes are still bright blue and his hair is going quite fair and seems to have grown absolutely loads this month, another boy with a fine head of hair for me. We don't have any teeth but we have one cheek that regularly goes bright red and he is chewing his fingers and toys along with lots of dribbling.

After learning to roll from back to front last month Barney is now able to roll front to back too and it has seen him rolling over the boys carefully constructed train tracks. It is a novelty for them at the moment, let's hope it stays that way! When on his tummy he is pulling his legs up and pushes his arms up like he is desperate to get crawling, I am hoping that it happens later rather than sooner to be honest! He can also now pull at his dangly toys on his bouncer so they play music and it keeps him amused for a bit longer than he used to be when sat in it.

He loves to be fussed over amd chatted too, he enjoys looking at people and his favourite people to watch are of course Seb and Alex, he loves them talking to and playing with him and loves watching them play. They can be quite noisy but it doesn't bother him at all.

It all seems to be going sl fast. The final set of baby vaccinations are booked in for next week and I am now thinking ahead to weaning, I have no plans to start just yet of course but we need to get a new highchair as our old one got damaged and I need to stock up on spoons, bowls etc as we got rid of the ones we had. I love the weaning so am really looking forward to this stage.


Being naked
Rattles and his Nibbling teether
Looking in the mirror
Being sung too


Being in the pushchair if it isn't moving

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