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Books for Home Educated Children

At this time of year bookshops are full of storybooks to prepare children for starting school. Books for home educated children are few and far between even though home ed is rapidly gaining in popularity.

Who's not in school, books for home educated children

Ross Mountney noticed this and as a former home educator and a well known writer on the topic of home education, she decided to create her own story books. These stories have been published by Birds Nest Books, a fab little publisher who aim to publish books from under represented groups in society like home educators and who sent us copies of the books to have a look at.

Books for home educated children,  Ross Mountney

Who's Not In School? is the first of these books and starts by introducing us to three children and explains why they aren't in school today. The third child is Harry and he is not at school because he is home educated along with his brother and sister. The book takes us through his week, the various things he gets up to including home ed group, trips to the shop and a museum visit. The book is amusing and is a good representation of home ed life for us.

The Wrong Adventure is a brand new book which was released on the 8th August, it also features Harry and his family. Harry has been learning about escape tunnels and decides to dig his own but he ends up on the wrong adventure. I loved that the book shows home ed in action, for example, he finds a worm so they decided to study it and ended up making it a wormery.

We have read the books together and Seb has picked them to read several times independently. They are easily accessible and he is able to read them with no problems and he also enjoys the illustrations(they are illustrated by James Robinson who was home educated) which remind me of the illustrations from the books of my own childhood.
I asked Seb if he liked the books and why. His reply was "I like them because they are funny and Harry is home educated like me." I think he has summed it up nicely! Seb has definitely identified with the books and I am really pleased about that.

Both Who's Not In School and The Wrong Adventure are available from Birds Nest Books online shop priced at £8.99

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**We received these books for the purpose of this post but all opinions are my own**

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