Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Ladival Sun Protection

As a family we spend lots of time outside and so protecting our skin from the sun is something I am concerned with. As the weather brightens up my mind naturally turns to sun protection but when buying sun care products I also have to be mindful of ingredients due to Alex who suffers with dermatitis.

Ladival Sun Protection offer a wide range of products available to suit everyone including lotions and sprays at SPF 15, 30, 50 and 50+ as well as a range for children and I was offered the chance to road test a couple of products from the range. 
Most sun creams help to protect skin from UV-A and UV-B rays which make up 7% of the sun's rays. However Ladival also protects against Infared-A which makes up a further 30% of the sun's rays so offering even more protection. I had never heard of infared-A before so was really interested to learn that they are the most deeply pentrating rays and can cause both short and long term skin damage.
Ladival is also suitable for those with sensitive skin including eczema. The products do not contain any preservatives,  fat, perfumes, colourants, parabens or PEG emulsifiers. They are also not tested on animals, a big must for me!

Ladival sun protection review

We received Ladival Lotion SPF30 which I used on myself. The lotion is a typical suncream consistency, it goes on easily and quickly sinks into the skin without leaving stains on my clothes(although Ladival do note that as with most suncreams staining can happen). I find my hands do feel sticky after applying bit that seems the norm with sun lotions and it was nothing that couldn't be sorted quickly.  

We also received Ladival Spray SPF50+ and this is the product i have been using on the boys. Spray formulations always seem to appeal to my children for some reason so there has been no resistance to me applying it, in fact they are keen to help! I find this spray really easy to use, it is a light formula, is quick and easy to apply and it sinks into the skin quickly and easily without leaving any sticky residue behind. It has also been suitable for Alexs sensitive skin which is fantastic as I do worry about him reacting to products.

For me the most important thing is that both the lotion and the spray are providing adequate protection to myself and the boys and I feel that it does. I apply before going out into the sun and I always make sure I apply a generous amount of product and that no patches are missed, it is so easy to skimp when applying but you really do need to apply liberally and evenly to ensure you are well protected.

The Ladival range (RRP £19.99) is available in Boots and leading supermarkets. Visit www.ladival.co.uk to find out more about the Ladival range.

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**These products were sent to me to for the purpose of this post,  all opinions expressed are my own**

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