Saturday, 6 August 2016

Looking for bunk beds and planning a shared room

The boys are currently uhhming and ahhing about sharing a room, recently they had a trial which went well. Alex is getting a bit on the long side for his toddler bed now so I have been busy looking for bunk beds as I think it would be ideal for us.

They would share what is currently Sebs room, it is large enough for separate beds but I want to keep as much of the floor space as possible for storage and playing as they get older they spend increasing amounts of time playing upstairs. We already have white Ikea shelving in the room which we want to keep and add too so I want to get white bunk beds and I also want to have bunks that can be separated if needed. I have been browsing lots of websites recently and my favourite beds are all from Wayfair and all fit what I am looking for.

Wayfair bunk beds

Once we have the bed sorted I want to make the room into their space rather than just Sebs. A lot of the toys from our playroom could go up there, particularly those with small pieces which can them be played with out of the way of Barneys tiny curious hands. As I mentioned above we already have Ikea Expedit which is perfect storage for those along with brightly coloured Drona boxes. 

I don't want a particular theme in the room. I just want it to be fun and bright and to add pieces as they grow, as we rent we cannot paint the walls so it is all about the accessories.  I have already been browsing and have picked up a few pieces such as this LED cactus light from Home Bargains and some fab brightly coloured stripey cushions from Zara Home.

Cactus light home bargains

Striped cushions,  Zara home

I am still looking for a rug, bedding and other bits and pieces to brighten it up. Why not check out my pinterest board. 

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