Saturday, 13 August 2016

Lunchbox challenge #HartleyYourLunch

My boys absolutely love a lunchbox so I was excited to get involved with a lunchbox challenge! Hartley's are encouraging parents to create delicious lunches and wanted us to share our ideas and tips. I love Hartley's jelly(have you seen their glitter jellies?amazing!) so was definitely up for this challenge.

We received a fab Hartley's Lunchbox complete with stickers to personalise it and some samples of Hartley's No Added Sugar jelly pots which are the perfect lunchbox size and I set to work filling the box with a tasty balanced lunch.
I filled the box with things my own children love, a chicken mini wrap, some mini cheeses, cucumber and tomatoes, fresh fruit and of course a Hartley's no added sugar jelly pot all washed down with a bottle of water.  I find that my boys eat really well when I give them little bits of everything and it makes the meal much more balanced too. 

My top five lunchbox tips are;
  1. Make it bright, nobody wants to open up their lunchbox to find a sea of beige food. Add colour with bright fruit and veg and a pot of Hartley's jelly!
  2. Be realistic with portions. Too much food can be overwhelming to a small child and too little will leave them hungry later on. 
  3. Offer a variety. Who wants the same lunch every single day?Rotate sandwiches with pittas, wraps or bagels, why not try pasta salad or breads sticks with dips for something different. Vary veg sticks and fruit, try to aim for a rainbow of colours over the week.
  4. Keep food cool and fresh, sweaty sandwiches? Yuk! Use a small ice pack to keep the food (and drink) cool. Little tupperware pots are your friend to keep items fresh, make sure they are easy to open. 
  5. Add a little note or joke. Brighten up their lunchtime by adding a short note or silly joke to their lunchbox to make them smile(I still do this for my husband on occasion!).
If you want to get your hands on an exclusive Hartley's lunchbox complete with sticker sheets you can! Simply collect 12 special edition green lids from the No Added Sugar jelly pots (115g), then head to the Hartley's website to claim your lunchbox.  

This post is an entry for BritMums#HartleysYourLunchbox Linky Challenge, sponsored by Hartley’s Jelly.

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