Monday, 15 August 2016

Our weekly meal plan 15/8

Happy Monday Meal planners. I hope everyone is well. It looks like we are going to have some proper summer weather this week, woo hoo!

Last week we stuck to our plan, yay! I was really good, we popped to the shop on Friday for some fresh fruit but i restrained from buying loads of things we didnt need. This week's plan is pretty simple, if the weather is going to warm up I don't want to spend ages cooking.

Our weekly meal plan

Monday Posh hot dogs with sweet potato fries and salad

Tuesday Creamy chicken, bacon and brocolli pasta

Wednesday Chicken and veg skewers with rice

Thursday Garlic and herb chicken with rosemary potatoes, carrots and green beans

Friday Pizza pasta bake

Saturday Fish fingers and beans

Sunday Tomato soup with crusty bread

Why not check out my prevuous weekly meal plans for family food ideas, i have also started a pinterest board with my weekly meal plans on and recipes.

If you like to meal plan, why not add your link the the meal planning linky?

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