Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Picasso inspired Self Portraits

Last week at the library one of the boys chose the book Picassos Trousers by Nicholas Allan to bring home and they have both really enjoyed reading about the great artist who didn't let anyone tell him what he could do. I decided to pick up on their interest in the book and this week we created some Picasso inspired self portraits.

I saw a great idea on pinterest where people had used shades of blue to paint portraits to represent Picassos blue period, I thought we would create both a blue and a rose self potrait to represent both of Picassos colour periods.

Picasso inspired self portraits,  home education, homeschool

Of course you can't paint a self portrait without taking a look at yourself. Anyone else's children love their own reflection? Before starting we also looked at how in Picassos paintings the facial features aren't necessarily where you would expect because he liked to paint the front and side view in the same image.

Self portrait reflections

We mixed up the two sets of colours,  adding white paint to create lighter shades and painted the self portraits. While painting we talked a little about how different colours can reflect how we feel, that Picasso was sad during his blue period and happy and in love during his rose period. 
I am really pleased with how these portraits turned out, they did anot awesome job job I think! I backed them with some gorgeous rainbow paper and i am going to print and add the famous Picasso  quote that 'Every child is an artist'.

Picasso inspired self portraits,  blue and rose

Theae would be great for a start of the school year project, as part of talking about feelings in an all about me project.
For us these and our recent Van Gogh sunflower paintings are definitely inspiring me to take a look at more artists with the boys. I have noticed that Twinkl have a famous artist catagory so I will definitely be checking that out. 

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