Friday, 19 August 2016

Sunflower painting and investigation

Aren't sunflowers the most cheerful flowers out there? They are just so appealing. I had a vase of them in the living room as they were coming to an end so I decided to see if the boys wanted to become like Van Gogh and paint them. They love to paint so of course the answer was yes.

We haven't really done any still life type art before but I thought it would be fun to see what the boys came up with. They picked out the right paint colours and some brushes and I grabbed some cotton buds to use for the centres. I asked them to really look at the flowers before they started painting.

Sunflower painting and investigation

I was pretty impressed with their paintings. Sebastian is getting more and more confident and painted yellow circles before adding the petals and then filling in the centres. Alex took his lead from his big brother and did his the same way although with less patience, he thought they looked like sunshines  and I think he is right! I think these are so lovely and bright, perfect for display.

Sunflower craft, still lifeel painting

Sunflower craft, still life painting

Sunflower crafts, still life painting

Sunflower toddler craft, still life painting

Once we were done painting the boys got hands on with the sunflowers, we talked about the stems and how they are thick and sturdy and that they act like straws to drink the water.
Then both boys used their scissors to trim the petals, they both enjoy cutting at the moment and i love to provide different materials for them to practice on. Sebastian in particular spent a really long time doing this, working his way around the whole flower and cutting the petals off.
There were no seeds for us to harvest but we have looked at the sunflower lifecycle before and grown our own plus The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle is a book we know well and we talked a little about that.

Sunflower investigation

This would have been lovely to do alongside planting seeds and sunflower lifecycle learning or as part of learning about great artists. 

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