Sunday, 4 September 2016

Barney at 5 months old

Earlier this week Barney turned 5 months old. I feel like he is growing up every day and I am desperately trying to drink it all in, I never want to forget these precious baby days.

I weighed him and he is currently weighing in at 19lb 3 and following the 91st centile, he is in a mix of larger 3-6 month clothes and 6-9 month clothes.  He had his last set of baby jabs and they really upset him, he was up and down several times each night in the days after and was generally grumpy for around a week. I am so glad the vaccinations are over until he is 13 months now.

He has just moved up to 8oz bottles and is definately looking forward to weaning,  he watches us eat like a hawk and has a special screech that he treats us too while we eat meals. We got a new highchair last week and he now sits in that while we eat, I sometimes give him a little cooled boiled water in a cup to keep him occupied but it doesn't really work! We will probably start weaning in a couple of weeks time when he is around 24 weeks old.

He is usually up for the day at around 6-6.30am and will then have 2 or 3 naps during the day which he has started to fight unless he falls asleep in the pushchair while we are out. He is then usually ready for bed at about 7pm. He now usually wakes once at around midnight for some milk. I am in no hurry to try and get him to sleep through the night again, he obviously needs that bit of milk and I have no doubt he will totally change his routine once weaning.

Generally he is a content baby but he can definitely make himself known if he wants to be held thought he has a definite preference for Phil and I to hold him.
He now tries to pull himself up to a sitting position though he isn't able to sit unaided yet. He loves playing on the floor and is still rolling around, and will deliberately position himself to get at something that looks interesting.  He loves any toys that make a noise and anything mirrored at the moment plus anything he can chew of course. He will watch his brothers play for absolutely ages, laughing at them and taking everything in.
He loves practicing with his voice,  as well as various screeches and noises he has also developed a fake cough which Alex also did as a baby, it is one of those things that is funny but you can't wait for the phase to end at the same time!

  • Walks in the pushchair
  • Bathtime 
  • Noisy toys
  • Cuddles

  • Waiting for milk
  • Loud unexpected noises

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