Sunday, 25 September 2016

Dads In The Delivery Room

Last week I was listening to a discussion on 5 live about dads in the delivery room, it was being discussed after some research by The Baby Show. There were some fab and amusing calls coming into the show and of course it got me thinking about my own experiences with Phil.
It seems so odd that just a generation ago, dads often weren't there for the birth of their children. My dad wasn't with my mum for any of mine or my siblings births in the 1970's and early 80's although it was becoming more common practice by then. These days it is pretty unusual for a dad not to be there at their child's birth and I can't imagine not having Phil to support me at my most vulnerable.

Dads in the delivery room, c section photo

My three births were all c sections but all were totally different experiences for myself and Phil.

With Sebastian I had a long labour(46 hours) and to be honest Phil didn't really know what to do with himself and nor did I,  nothing going can prepare you for labour. We ticked along quite nicely but when I was whisked off for a c section under general anaesthetic and Phil wasn't allowed in with me it quickly turned into a frightening experience for us both.
Alexs birth was a semi planned c section, as in I was planning for a vbac but was admitted to hospital at 39 weeks and agreed to a c section and 2 days later he arrived. It was definitely the easiest c section overall, I was awake, the surgery was straight forward, Phil was able to cut the cord and i held him as soon as i was in the delivery suite and my recovery was painful but nothing out of the ordinary.
Barneys was a whole other story. I was really determined not to opt for an ELCS and I had to go against consultant wishes on this. I had Phils full support on this and it gave me the confidence to stay strong and try for the birth I wanted. He was right there by my side during my whole labour, we talked and laughed and he held my hand through the pains and examinations. He was there when it was decided that I would need an emergency c section and there talking to me while I was in surgery for 3 hours frightened and worried what was happening.

Without wanting to gush, Phil is the only person I wanted with me and I can't imagine it any other way. He was with Seb whike i was still under general anaesthetic, he gave the boys skin to skin when I couldn't and supported me.

What do you think about dad's in the delivery room? Did you have your husband or partner with you? Why not take a peep at my birth stories?

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