Monday, 12 September 2016

Hunting the herd of Sheffield

On Thursday we headed down the motorway to Sheffield to go on an elephant hunt. The herd of Sheffield is a collection of elephant sculptures displayed in Sheffield City centre and beyond, there are 58 large elephants designed by artists and 72 baby elephants designed by school children and teachers.  The collection is one of the biggest arts events ever seen in the city.

We were really excited to see how many of the elephants we could find, we picked up a couple of trail maps and downloaded the app (I would recommend doing this) and set off on our adventure. Although Sheffield is not that far away from us I am not really familiar with the city centre so it was fun to explore. We managed to find absolutely loads of elephants and the boys got really into the whole thing, they loved being the first to spot an elephant,  scanning it on the app and looking around the city. The elephants are amazing and all so different, we didn't get bored at all and spent a good few hours looking around including following the clues in Sheffield Hallam University building to find a missing elephant.

The eleohants were fantasticly decorated. My favourite of the herd had to be the fairytale elephant, with images from famous stories all over even in her trunk.
We were that the weather was beautiful, we spent ages in the Peace Gardens  by the town hall, enjoying the sunshine and the fountains there. Before leaving Sheffield we had to go and find Elmer of course! He is located near the childrens hospital.

The herd are on show until the October 5th 2016 and are going up for auction after this to raise money for Sheffield Children's Hospital.

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