Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Magnetic Discovery Tub

A few months ago I ordered some awesome magnet wands for the boys from Imagido which is one of my favourite places to browse for home ed resources and ever since the boys have been using them to test various items around the house and at their grandparents too.

I decided to set up a bright magnetic discovery tub for them to explore magnetism a bit further.  It has been a LONG time since I made a play tub and I had forgotten how engaging they can be.
I wanted it to be bright and fun so i added a variety of items from the playroom,  cotton reels, fun buttons, perspex shapes, letter tiles, pom poms and lollipop sticks to name a few things in there and then I added a set of magnetic letters and a pack of Imagidos awesome metallic chips.

Magnetic discovery tub

Magnetic discovery box, Imagido magnetic chips

The boys dug right in and the metalliic chip were discovered right away as they pretty much leapt onto the magnet wands. Sebastian quickly discovered that the magnets were even attracted through the plastic  tub and spent some time moving them around like that with the plastic as a barrier. We talked about the different items in the tub, if they were magnetic or not and what they were made of. The metallic chips were definitely the star of the show though the boys loved experimenting to see how many they could collect on their wands at one time, great for counting!

Once we had played with the box for a while I showed the boys a simple box I had made using three A6 mirrors. Again the magnetic chip were used to make gorgeous reflections, the lovely colours look like jewels and the boys enjoyed putting them on top of each other to make more colours and making their initials before attracting them all back to their magnet wands!

Pop over to Imagido to check out their amazing range of resources.

**Some itemswere provided for the purpose of this post, all opinions are my own**

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