Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Our Home Education plans for Autumn

Whoop we are firmly heading into my favourite season of all, Autumn! I like to write a rough idea of the things I am hoping to do each term and our home education plans for Autumn are well and truly underway.

Our autumn home education plans, pile of autumn leaves

We have already been talking about Harvest and have been looking at some fab resources from The Grain Chain showing what happens to wheat from the field to becoming bread. We will definitely make some bread this week or next, both boys absolutely love kneading dough. I think we will make some kind of farm collage and get the farm animals out for small world play. I also plan on making a vegetable soup with the boys using seasonal veg and do some fruit and vegetable printing. I want to visit a local farm too, perhaps the Urban Farm in Leeds.

Autumn is always a great time to look at nature so we will definitely be heading on some nature walks, taking advantage of the lovely crisp days jumping in the leaves and enjoying the rainy puddle splashing days. We always love to collect some natural resources to explore and get crafty with.

Since watching Tim Peake head into space last winter we have dipped in and out of talking about space including recently finding out how stars are made off the back of a question from Seb sl I have decided to make a project of it this autumn. I am quite excited about it to be honest! Twinkl has some fab resources and I have some other bits planned too. I think this topic might take us a while so I am not setting a time frame on it.

We will of course carry on with our usual activities and I am hoping for lots of fun days out!

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