Tuesday, 6 September 2016

The Second Year Of Not Back To School

September has arrived and the back to school photos are being taken but for us it is the second year of not back to school, in fact we have never been to school. I blogged at the start of summer about our first year home educating and now we are starting our second.

For the boys having never been in any nursery or school, terms are alien and September the same as any other month apart from less children in the park and the leaves changing. As an adult who went through school I still have the September urge to buy new stationary(any excuse) and start afresh. I wonder if that ever leaves us.
For the first time i have found the summer holidays have felt quite long, in particular the last couple of weeks. One one hand I love to see children everywhere having fun, i love seeing a fscehook feed full of grinning kiddos at the beach or in the park with giant ice creams and am glad we have had some lovely weather for them to enjoy, on the other hand it will be nice to return to our normality.

We have spent quite a bit of time changing our house around recemtly. The playroom has become a playroom/home ed room, we have moved everything around and thrown quite a lot out. it now houses a desk, a bigger bookcase, better games storage and around half of the toy have been moved upstairs to the boys new shared bedroom. It has worked out quite well as we have been able to put many of the tiny non baby friendly toys upstairs ready for Barney becoming more mobile and curious,  I am really pleased with the room overall.

Over the next couple of weeks we are celebrating not back to school. I am excited to be planning a small relaxed not back to school picnic with friends and hoping to attend a larger one a bit further afield too. Nature walks, and elephant hunting is also in the plans and of course I had to take the all important not back to school photo!

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