Monday, 31 October 2016

Alexander, you are turning four

Alexander, you are turning four today. My little pumpkin born on Halloween, the very day we had joked about you being born on when we first found out my due date was the 1st of November. Four years ago we heard that first cry at 2.38pm and there you were all 7lb 13oz of you, my biggest bump turned out to be my smallest baby and we became a family of four. It's a cliché but those years have flown past and we are now a family of five.

It has been a big year for you, going from the baby of the family to a big brother and the middle child, we fretted over it but you have taken it in your stride. You make a fantastic big brother, forever checking on Barney and bringing him toys and wanting to hold him, it lovely to see you in a new role and you seemed to huge next to him when he was born.
You are my little whirlwind, you always have been. From the moment you wake up you are ready for the day and you don't stop until you drop into bed at night. You are still determined to be a fire engine driver when you grow up and have been dedicated to all things fireman for two years now, You are a lovely combination of a stereotypical boy who loves to play rough with your big brother but then you also love to be gentle and caring with your beloved toy babies, pushing them around, putting them to bed property, feeding them. I love to watch you play your imagination growing all the time, creating scenes and making up stories.

You are so excited about your birthday this year, counting down the days and making sure that I know you would like a Fireman Sam cake(don't worry I have it covered!). It shows how much you have grown in the last year, you are a little boy now instead of a toddler. You are so independent these days, defiant and you love to test the boundaries, but then at night you still like to sneak into our bed for a cuddle snuggling as close to me as it is possible to get and I drink in your smell, enjoying the moment, knowing that these days are numbered.

Happy 4th birthday Alex, I hope you enjoy your the pancakes pizza and of course the Fireman Sam cake you requested.

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