Thursday, 13 October 2016

Barney at 6 months

Barney is 6 months old and I can't quite believe it, he is still so new yet I can't quite remember what life was like without him here. This post is very late in coming, I just seem to have very little time to write at the moment, my boys keep me so busy!

I haven't weighed Barney since he turned 5 months, he is definitely growing though, filling out the 6-9 month clothes and he is already in 9-12 months in some brands. He is just such a chunky boy! His eyes are still bright blue, I am starting to think they may stay that way now but we shall see. His hair is getting pretty long on top, when I look at photos of him from a couple of months ago he looks so different already.

He still rolls around, he pushes his arms up to crawl but doesn't realise he needs to move his legs too. I am in no hurry though, Sebastian was 10 months when he started crawling and Alex was 6 months,  I know which was easier! Barney does however love being on his feet, he wants to be on them all the time at the moment and it makes my arms ache!

He is very noisy at the moment,  he babbles so much, we have been getting what sounds like dadada from him along with screams, raspberries and other lovely noises. The boys both love chatting with him and his face lights up whenever he sees them. Phil and I are clearly no where near as much fun!

Teething is a real issue at the moment his cheeks are so red, he is dribbling like a leaky tap and while he usually wakes and goes back to sleep after milk we have had a few nights where he doesn't want milk and is just really unsettled. I really feel for him, the big two never suffered too much with their teeth but I think we might be in for a hard slog with them this time.

The big thing this last month is of course weaning! He absolutely loves his food so far, he is trying everything with gusto, cucumber, cheese on toast raspberries and bolognese have all been winners.  I love seeing him react to new tastes and textures and I really hope he carries on enjoying food like his brothers. He is on three small meals a day already as well as his milk, we haven't dropped any bottles as yet.

We have just recently  got the cot out of storage as Barney is very nearly grown out of his crib, I think we will just keep him in our room, the cot fits and I am happier with him close and we will most likely end up cosleeping if the night waking continues anyway.

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