Friday, 7 October 2016

Conker Painting Process Art

I first blogged about painting with conkers  back in 2013 and as we have had a bumper collection of conkers this year I thought we give conker painting another try now the boys are older.
They are absolutely fascinated with conkers, we have been on several walks recently where we have come home with masses of them. They loved standing under a huge horse chestnut tree in the park and listening for them falling (and trying to avoid being hit on the head by them!) each time the wind blew. I have to admit it was great fun as an adult too and finding a double conker has to be a sign of good luck surely?

Conker painting process art, double conker tree background

To paint with the conkers I used a cardboard box and popped a sheet of paper inside.  We added a few conkers and the boys chose some paints which we added to the box. Then they took turns to tip and twist the box moving the conkers around and letting them spread the paint.

We experimented using different colour paints and different amounts of paints. Sebastian being the oldest was the most concious of working out exactly how to get the conkers to roll through the paints, Alex was his usual enthusiastic self and approached the craft with gusto. This is very much about the process, we did end up with some pretty patterned paper at the end but the point was to have fun and see what happened.

Barney was so enthralled watching the boys that I let him hold the box too, he loved the noise the conkers made and the bright coloured paints and promptly popped his hand straight in of course!

We still have loads of conkers to play with, I have added some into a small milk bottle for Barney to have as a rattle and I have some on display in a jar with lights. The rest will most likely be used in free play.

Conker painting process art

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