Thursday, 27 October 2016

Embracing Hygge

Have you ever heard of Hygge? I hadn't until i recently read an article about it in the Sainsburys magazine and it struck a cord with me. A Danish concept which has no literal translation into English, Hygge (pronounced hoo-guh) is about making everything cosy, forgetting your worries and being kind to yourself. It is said to make people happier which sounds good to me.

Embracing Hygge,  candles and conkers, cosy

How many of us are guilty of sitting down in the evening once the kids are in bed and checking our social media, blogs and emails, I certainly am and while I love doing that sometimes it is nice to just switch off. Instead once or twice a week I am going to embrace Hygge, i will be turning my phone and tablet off, lighting oodles of candles and watching TV while snuggling under a soft blanket, taking time to myself to read a book, enjoying a hot chocolate and slice of cake with a loved one or any other number of Hygge things. I love that Hygge is accessible for everyone,  you can use your huge bag of bargain tealights from IKEA, a 35p sachet of hot chocolate,  a primark blanket or you can go the other way and invest in a Diptyque candle, some fancy hot chocolate and a cashmere blanket.

Although for the Danes Hygge is an all year round thing, I think Autumn and Winter are the perfect time to really embrace this idea, the season literally begs for us to get cosy. I am looking forward to scheduling some time to be kind to myself. I have found a lovely blog Hello Hygge to read, my chocolate fondue kit is out from hibernation and i might even invest in one of the many Hygge books due out this Autumn.

Have you heard of Hygge? I would love to hear your thoughts.

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