Sunday, 30 October 2016

Infacare Night Time Baby Bath

Until recently Barney has just had plain water to bathe in and coconut oil to moisturise. Babies skin is so precious I don't like to use many products on them too soon. Once weaning begins and things get a bit messy, it feels like the right time to introduce bath products.

Baby Infacare bubble bath

Barney tends to have a bath every couple of days before bed, and recently we have started using Infacare Night-time Baby Bath which is suitable to use from just 1 month old. This award winning ultra mild bubble bath is kind to babies sensitive skin and is gently fragranced to encourage your baby to relax making it ideal for use as part of your bedtime routine. I am really impressed with just how many long lasting bubbles are made from a small amount of the baby bath. Barney absolutely loves having a bath and he enjoys watching the bubbles, touching them and trying to eat them of course! The fragrance is soothing but not overpowering so ideal for babies. A bottle will last you for absolutely ages as you need just a tiny amount for each bath.

Of course Infacare isn't just for babies. Infacare Night-Time Baby Bath can also be used on older children and my big two are also enjoyeinh some very bubbly baths in this. I feel comfortable using InfaCare on Alex even though he is prone to dermatitis.

For more information pop over to the Infacare website.

Infacare nighttime baby bath, bubble bath

**We received a sample for the purpose of this post, all opinions expressed are my own**

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