Tuesday, 29 November 2016

For Aisha Stage 3 Baby Food Review and Giveaway

Barney is absolutely loving weaning and like his brothers is enjoying those first tastes of a range of flavours. For Aisha recently got in touch and asked if he fancied trying their brand new Stage 3 pouches and I accepted on his behalf.

Research shows that 69% of parents wanting to expand their babies' palates and to be able to buy meals that they perhaps could not make at home themselves easily. For Aisha brings exotic tastes from around the globe to your baby. The award winning range of baby food is halal and made using natural ingredients. All of the meat used is premium British Halal meat and it is combined with pulses, herbs, gentle spices, fruit and veg. Importantly the products contain no added sugar or salt.

For Aisha stage 3 baby food

For Aisha stage 3 baby food

For Aisha Stage 3 pouches are for babies aged around 10 months+ this means that the texture is thick, with small chunks of food to explore. There are three flavours available at the moment; Chicken Rainbow Quinoa, Chicken and Sweet Potato Curry and Green Bean and Lamb Curry. Each resealable pouch is a generous 190g size. 

Barney has tried all three of the pouches and I have to be honest he ate them all up with no complaint! He is younger than the 10 month age guideline but is already happily eating chunkier foods and so that was no issue for us. I did split the pouch and gave him half a pouch at a time which was enough for him at this age but of course he will eat more as he gets older.
As someone who is passionate about introducing my children to a wide range of tastes I am really impressed with For Aisha.  This brand proves that baby food doesn't have to be bland and boring. I also love that I recognise every single ingredient included in the pouches. It is important to me to feed my boys well and I feel these pouches are a great alternative to a home cooked meal on days where I am low on time or we are eating something that may not be suitable for Barney.

For Aisha stage 3 baby food

Baby in ikea highchair

Baby in ie a anti lop highchair, for Aisha bib

The brand new For Aisha Stage 3 pouches are out now and are available at Asda. I will definitely be picking some up.

The lovely team at For Aisha are giving one lucky reader the chance to win 3 For Aisha stage 3 pouches (one of each flavour) and a For Aisha bib. Simply fill in the rafflecopter below. Good Luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

1. Open to UK residents only.

2. Entrants must be over 18.

3. All entries will be checked.

4. Please make sure i have a way to contact you if you win.

5. Prize will be sent by PR.. 

6. The prize is 3 pouches of Stage 3 For Aisha baby food(one of each flavour) plus a For Aisha bib for one winner. No cash alternative. 

7. If I am unable to make contact with the winner within a reasonable time a new winner will be drawn.

Family Fever
**I received these samples for the purpose of this post, all opinions expressed are my own**

Monday, 28 November 2016

Our weekly meal plan 28/11

Happy Monday. This week sees us sneaking into December, eek! I do love the run up to Christmas but this year I am feeling really disorganised and it's making me a bit stressed out at the moment.

Last weeks meals went ok, we missed one meal but are having it tonight instead. We have a few things going in this week including Sebs birthday on Wednesday so he gets to choose what we eat that day, so it's pancakes for breakfast and a curry for dinner and he wants to have something healthy for lunch apparently.

Monday Salmon with mash and green beans

Tuesday Slow cooker bolognese

Wednesday Curry either homemade or from a restaurant

Thursday Slow cooker chilli and rice

Friday Sweet Potato and Coconut Soup

Saturday Pasta with pesto and peas

Sunday Meatballs with mash and gravy

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Thursday, 24 November 2016

Great Gizmos Spy Kits for Kids

I think most children enjoy the idea of playing detective. Their curious minds question everything and their imaginations can run wild. We have recently been sent a couple of items from Great Gizmos range of spy kits for kids for the boys to try out and help hone their spying skills.

Make your own doorbell, great Gizmos

Make your own doorbell

Seb is very interested in how things work at the moment so the Kidzlabz Doorbell Making Kit was a great pick for him. The set is aimed at 8+ which he is a little under so he made it with help from his dad. Seb was able to follow the instructions and help build the circuit which makes the bell work. The kit provides a little lesson in electromagnetics plus it was a nice way for him and Phil to spend a bit of time together. Both Seb and Alex are loving having a doorbell for their room (me not so much!). Just remember to pickup some batteries for this kit.

I found the kit to be great value and the perfect price point for stocking fillers and Christmas gifts. These gadgets for kids are great fun but are also educational which always gets a thumbs up from me. If you have a wannabe spy on your hands take a look at the range of spy kits for kids available at Great Gizmos. I have already earmarked a couple of items to purchase for presents.
Family Fever

**We received these items for the purpose of the post, all opinions are my own**

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Not Applying for School...again

I haven't written much about our home ed recently (I do have a post half written in my drafts file) but is now the time of year when parents are applying for schools for their 3 and 4 year olds. Alex would be due to begin school September 2017 but yet again we are not applying for school.

When we decided to home educate Seb, we discussed it together, we had people asking us about school applications and it was quite a big deal. The decision to step away from the norm felt huge, it was exciting and daunting at the same time. It was possibly the most rebellious thing I have done, not taking the conventional route. Once we had made the decision and the school application deadline had passed it felt like the pressure was off, decision made and it has been the right one for us.

The road to home education was quite a long process for us. In 2013 I joined a home ed group on Facebook on a whim after seeing a discussion. At that time Seb was around 2 years old and Alex just a tiny baby. I had never met a home educated child and I didn't know all that much about it. However I have always been very interested in education and wanted to know more. I read that group voraciously, amazed by how different home education is to the way I had imagined, seeing the things people were doing, ordinary parents like you and I. Then I read a couple of books, joined some more groups and it clicked for me.
Home ed just felt right. So Seb didn't follow his peers to nursery at 3, and at 4 we decided not to apply for a school place and next week he will be 6 years old.

Two years on and we are doing it again,  not applying for school. This time around things are very different, I didn't need to research, we haven't really discussed it and not a single person has asked our plans. We have been pretty lucky so far, when strangers ask Seb why he isn't at school he loves telling people he is home educated and Alex has recently started to do it too. For the most part people are just curious and ask a couple of questions and then we all get on with our day. As yet we haven't experienced any negatively in person.

We have always said that we will take home educating a year at a time, we will utilise school if we feel we need too or if the boys would like to try. We are well into our second year now and not applying for school still feels like the right choice.  Of course not every day is rainbows and glitter but that is just life and it would be unrealistic to expect otherwise.  But overall we are happy, the boys are learning at a pace that suits them and it works for us.

Monday, 21 November 2016

Our Weekly Meal Plan 21/11

#Monday is here already.  I hope everyone has had a fabulous weekend. I am looking forward to a busyish week, starting with a visit to Ikea today(candles woohoo! ) and am already looking forward to the weekend!

We did pretty well last week, we missed one meal because we were out later than expected. Our Italian Beef and rice worked well, i usuakky make it with chicken so beef made a nice change and everyine ate it. I also made an apple cake and crispie cakes with the boys (twice).  This week we are having some yummy slow cooker meals, pizza chosen by Seb and a naughty takeaway. I have plans for some baking with the boys later in the week too.

Weekly meal plan

Monday Creamy chicken and brocolli pasta

Tuesday Slow Cooker Corned beef hash

Wednesday Sausages, veg and slow cooker loaded potatoes

Thursday Slow cooker leek and potato soup

Friday Easy homemade pizza with garlic bread and salad

Saturday Takeaway

Sunday Pepperoni macaroni cheese

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Saturday, 19 November 2016

Mustela Skincare Review

I have mentioned before that I am very careful when it comes to using products on my little ones. While they are very small I use just water and I only begin using products when weaning starts and they get a bit messy. Mustela Skincare recently sent me a few of their products ts to try with Barney and I was really impressed.

Mustela Skincare have been making safe, innovative products for 60 years. Their ranges are aimed at mums to be, new mums, babies and children and they offer a variety of products.

Mustela Stelatopia emollient cream

Stelatopia Emollient cream 

Two of my children suffer with dry skin. Alex has flare ups of dermatitis and Barney has a couple of dry patches typical of many babies. This emollient cream can be used on the face and body from birth. The cream moisturises reducing the itchy sensation and restores the damaged skin barrier. It contains Avocado Perseose which strengthens the skins natural skin defences and preserves the skins cellular resources. I have found the cream light and easy to worth with, it is non greasy and softens the skin immediately. Now the weather has turned colder I am hoping this helps to keep the boys skin healthy.

Mustela 123 vitamin barrier cream

123 Vitamin Barrier Cream 

A fragrance nappy cream suitable for use from birth, The cream Prevents, Soothes and Recovers to delicate skin in the nappy area. I don't use nappy cream for every change but sometimes Barney gets a little red particularly after being in a nappy overnight. So I have been popping a layer if this easy to apply cream on and it really soothes him. This is much easier to work with than some other creams I have tried which cake the skin and dry in making ti difficult to wipe off.

Mustela foam shampoo for newborns

Foam Shampoo for Newborns

This tear free foam shampoo suitable from birth gently cleans a babies scalp. It helps to eliminate and prevent cradle cap. The easy to use foam has a lovely gentle scent and left Barneys hair so soft and fluffy even the next day. The foam formulatto different to any shampoo I have used before but it was really nice to use. 

I have been enjoying using the Mustela Skincare products we were sent and will definitely be taking a look at more of the range. You can find out more information on these products plus the full range in the Mustela Skincare website.

**We received these products for the purpose of the post, all opinions expressed here are my own **
Family Fever

Friday, 18 November 2016

The Last Baby Blues

This week i have been feeling the last baby blues. Regular readers may remember that when Barney was born I was advised it would be too dangerous for me to carry another child both to myself and an unborn baby. I have very severe adhesions from my previous caesareans which cover my internal organs and led to me being in theatre for three hours. It left me feeling raw but I had a tiny baby to look after and love and I kind of pushed it to the back of my mind.

Baby feet, last baby blues

Seven months have passed since he was born and Barney is at the stage where his clothes are not those teeny tiny items of the first six months. He has long been out of his bouncy chair, his playmat and gym are no longer used as he simply rolls away and he has grown out of the bedside crib. I love seeing him thrive and develop but at the same time I wish I had just had a little bit more time to soak that tiny baby stage up. That it went a little more slowly.

At the weekend I decided it was time to go through the pile of too small baby clothes that had been gathering in what will be Barneys room. I had been putting it off for quite some time to be honest. I sorted through the piles of clothes, many of them worn by all three boys, the last baby blues hit and I cried. There won't be another baby to wear them, no tiny scrunched up newborn in the brilliant white sleepsuits or the little vests with farm animals on. It was more than getting rid of some clothes, it was saying goodbye to any future babies for our family.

We weren't actually sure if we would have any more children, i think i even blogged that it was most likely my last pregnancy.  I am only 32 so still relatively young by todays standards and we had discussed number 4 as a possibility.  You know the type of thing,  maybe in a few years time we might go for it..... If we had made the decision by ourselves it would feel a more natural end. I didn't realise how much it meant to me, I had just taken it for granted that if we decided to have one more that there would be no issues. But when someone else tells you that the risk is too high and the choice is taken away, well as the song says you don't know what you've got til it's gone.

I know that I am lucky. I have three healthy children, I fell pregnant pretty easily each time. People would kill to be as lucky as I have been. I am forever grateful for those beautiful boys of mine, they are my everything. But as we dropped off the two huge bags of tiny baby clothes at the charity shop I cried again and I know when we sell the crib I will feel so incredibly sad that this stage of our lives is over for good.

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Organix Review. Great Taste. No Junk.

With three children I have become pretty familiar with children's food brands. Organix is one of the brands that has been there since I weaned Seb over 5 years ago. Recently we were sent a box of Organix products to try.

Organix focus on tasty foods for babies, toddlers and beyond. All products are made with organic ingredients and the brand has a no junk promise. The ingredients on the products are recognisable and the labelling is easy to read. There is a wide range of products available from baby rice to oats bars for older children and also a great variety of different flavours on offer.

Organix banana and plum baby porridge

Porridge is a regular breakfast for us and Barney has been loving this Organix Banana and Plum Porridge (7 months +). I make it up using his formula or a little whole milk and give it either plain or with a bit of fresh fruit. What is great about this porridge is that it has texture to it instead of being totally smooth.

Ricecakes have been a staple in all three of my weaning journeys, in fact the big two still enjoy them. Organix Apple Ricecakes are perfectly sized for tiny hands and Barney loves a good chew on them. I tend to give them alongside a little fresh fruit. I think the knobbly texture feels nice on teething gums. They also come in banana,  cherry, raspberry and blueberry and also carrot and tomato flavours too.

Organix ricecakes and blueberries

Barney has also been enjoying Organix Creamy Vanilla Baby Biscuits (7 months+). These biscuits are perfect for little ones as the ring shapes makes them easy to grip and manipulate. Made with wheat flour, grape juice with a sprinkle of vanilla they make a lovely afternoon snack for Barney if the boys are having a biscuit.

Organix creamy vanilla baby biscuits, weaning

The older two have been trying some of the Organix Goodies range which is a range of snacks for toddlers and beyond. They are already big fans of the ranges Carrot Stix and Mini Gingerbread men biscuits.

The Banana Puffcorn (12months+) went down really well with the big two. The 10g bags are the perfect portion size to satisfy them and for me it is great that there are no hard kernals to worry about. At the weekend we enjoyed the puffcorn with some fresh fruit and chocolate buttons while watching a film.

Organix banana puffcorn, fresh fruit and popcorn

Seb loves the Orange and Cocoa Crisp Bars (12months+), made with raisins and puffed rice these tasted quite strongly of orange which he really liked. They are perfect for snacking on the go.

The final item we tried are Organix Goodies Cheese and Chive Breadsticks (12months+). These come as a multi pack and each pack is a great portion size for young children to snack on.  The boys both enjoyed these alone and also with a little soft cheese to use as a dip.

Organix cheese and Chive Breadsticks

We have loved trying out some of the Organix range and will definitely be continuing to buy from the brand. For more information on the brand and it's products check out the Organix website!
Family Fever

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Nims Fruit and Vegetable Crisps

My boys seem to be constantly hungry so I am always on the lookout for healthy snacks to suit them. Nims Fruit and Vegetable Crisps are 100% natural and make a fantastic snack for kids and adults alike.

Nims fruit and vegetable crisps

Nims Fruit and Vegetable Crisps are a range of air dried snacks made right here in Britain. The award winning snack is free from additives, preservatives and added sugar and retain much of the nutritional goodness and taste from the fruit and veg they are made from. There are a wide variety of flavours available so there is something for everyone. They can be eaten strsight from the pack and the Nims blog has some fab recipes to explore too.

We have been trying out the Nims Fruit and Vegetable crisps range and they have gone down really well in this house particularly the fruit flavours. The Apple crisps are a firm favourite with both the boys and myself, we also loved the pear flavour. Sebastian loved the Orange flavour crisps (surprising as he doesn't like fresh oranges!) and they also liked the Parsnip and Beetroot Vegetable crisps. I love that the crisps are colourful and retain the look of the fruit and veg that they are made from.

Nim's fruit and vegetable crisps, apple crisps

Nim's fruit and vegetable crisps, tomato and cucumber crisps

Nims Fruit and Vegetable crisps are a quick easy snack that we can all enjoy together without any worries about sugar content. They are easy to pop into my bag to have at hand when needed. 

Nims are hoping to launch a range specifically for kids, they are passionate about combating unhealthy snacking habits for kids. To help them launch the new range that they are currently crowdsourcing on Tesco BackIt. Take a look at the Nim's Kids page for more information, to back the campaign and to share.

** I received samples for the purpose of this post, all opnions are my own**

Monday, 14 November 2016

60 Festive Fun Ideas For Kids

Christmas is just around the corner now and I love to make December a month of festive fun for the boys. Today I am sharing 60 Festive Fun Ideas perfect to keep you busy throughout December.
Each day of advent I leave the boys a small note in the advent calender with an activity for that day, it’s a nice way to count down the days to Christmas. I can tailor the activity so if we have a busy day we can do something small like colouring , if we have a whole afternoon free we can watch a film or two. 

I have linked up relevant recipes and how to’s plus links to free printable to help you along the way and most of the activities are also on my Pinterest board linked at the bottom. 
  1. Put the tree up and decorate
  2. Make mince pies
  3. Make Christmas cards
  4. Make handprint mangers
  5. Make bird feeders 
  6. Make stained glass biscuits
  7. Set up a Christmas photo booth with props
  8. Take a homemade card and cake to a neighbour
  9. Make a sleigh for Father Christmas (junk models, Lego, playdough)
  10. Learn a new carol
  11. Learn how to draw Christmas pictures 
  12. Watch a Christmas film under blankets with hot chocolate and popcorn
  13. Write to Father Christmas
  14. Make melted snowman biscuits
  15. Make Christingles
  16. Visit your local church to see the nativity display
  17. Design a Christmas jumper
  18. Go ice skating
  19. Make Christmas stocking pizzas 
  20. Go on a winter walk
  21. Make paper snowflakes
  22. Have a disco at home with your favourite Christmas songs and glow sticks
  23. Go and meet Father Christmas
  24. Make paper plate baubles
  25. Make peppermint creams
  26. Design a gingerbread man
  27. Have a disco bath (Lush bath bomb or loads of bubbles, glow sticks and music)
  28. Make mini Christmas cakes
  29. Make paperchains
  30. Make gingerbread biscuits
  31. Donate grown out of toys and books to the local children’s ward
  32. Build a gingerbread house
  33. Snuggle up with a pile of Christmas books
  34. Make Christmas sticker pictures
  35. Christmas themed playdough
  36. Make sparkly salt dough tree decorations 
  37. Visit a Christmas Market
  38. Make a nativity mobile 
  39. Make mulled fruit juice
  40. Donate Christmas treats to a food bank
  41. Make Christmas crackers
  42. Dry out orange slices for decorations
  43. Make slow cooker hot chocolate 
  44. Go for a drive to see Christmas lights
  45. Wrap up warm and have a winter picnic
  46. Make a Lego Christmas tree
  47. Print some Christmas colouring sheets and have a colouring in session
  48. Make chocolate peppermint bark 
  49. Toast marshmallows
  50. Attend a carol concert
  51. Print your own wrapping paper using cookies cutters and brown paper
  52. Make a Lego Candycane
  53. Make jam jar candle holders
  54. Make festive giant chocolate buttons 
  55. Make snowman soup
  56. Make clay tree decorations 
  57. Make a handprint wreath
  58. Go to the panto 
  59. Visit the Christmas markets 
  60. Make peppermint playdough 
Why not visit my Christmas pinterest board too for more information on these ideas and more. 

Our weekly meal plan 14/11

Happy Monday everybody! Last week was a funny one, in the space of 7 days we had sunshine and snow. I am so pleased that we actually ate all of our meals, woohoo! I have several foodie reviews to write up this week, meaning we have been trying some lovely things over the last few days.

This week is looking pretty quiet so far. I am taking Seb to see Bedknobs and Broomsticks on Wednesday as part of a film festival, I am pretty excited about that! Foodwise I have some very recipe bananas that need using so I will probably make muffins or a banana and date loaf with them today, I also fancy trying to make Snickerdoodles.

Our weekly meal plan

Monday Cajun Chicken Pasta

Tuesday Cheese and Tomato Potato Bake

Wednesday Omelettes

Thursday Tuna and sweetcorn pasta

Friday Italian beef with rice

Saturday Freezer dinner (either pizza or chicken nuggets)

Sunday Salmon with mash and green beans

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Sunday, 13 November 2016

Paper Plate Poppies for Remembrance Day

I think it is really important to encourage children to encourage children to take part in remembrance day. Last year we visited the poppies at Yorkshire Sculpture Park and made fingerprint poppy wreaths. This year we have made paper plate poppies for remembrance day and today we watched our local parade and went to the war memorial.

Paper plate poppies, remembrance day

These paper plate poppies are pretty much the simplest poppy craft out there, so easy that even very young toddlers can join in but also enjoyable for older children too (Seb is 6 this month and enjoyed it). All you need is some paper plates, red tissue paper, black paper and glue (pva or a glue stick will work perfectly).

Paper plate poppies

Simply rip or cut up the red tissue paper (get the little ones to help,  they love it) and glue the pieces to the paper plates. Once the plate is covered in red tissue paper, cut the black paper and glue to the centre. Leave the glue to dry and you will have some beautiful poppies to display.

Paper plate poppy

There are some great resources available to help children understand and learn more about remembrance day. For very young children Cbeebies have a lovely shirt film called Poppies. Twinkl have some great printables availabke inckuding this simple 3D Poppy Craft. For older children The British Legion have some fab resources available. 

Thursday, 10 November 2016

Stocking Fillers for 4 to 6 Year Olds

Christmas will soon be upon us and today I am posting some ideas for stocking fillers for 4 to 6 year olds. I absolutely love buying stocking fillers but after the traditional bag of gold ocins and a lump of coal it can be difficult to know what to pick. I try to fill the boys stockings with a mixture of items to play with and keep, some practical bits and of course some edible treats. Here are some of my top picks.

Stocking fillers for 4 to 6 year olds

My First Bananagrams** is a fab fun word game based on the Original Bananagrams. This game uses lower case letters making it ideal for those learning to read. My boys absolutely love these and they are brilliant for letter recognition, learning to spell and building words.

I always put a book into a stocking. Mr Christmas is an ideal book  and just the right size for a stocking filler, there is also Little Miss Christmas and various others available in the eternally popular series.

Rorys Story Cubes are fantastic fun. The cubes have pictures on and you use them to generate stories. These are fantastic for developing imagination and confidence.

How cool is this Grow Your Own Christmas Tree kit from Hawkins Bazaar? The kit contains everything you need to make a start on growing a Christmas tree of the future.

All children just love stickers and Baker Ross foam stickers are my favourite, they have a huge range and are brilliant quality. I have my eye on these transport themed stickers for the boys.

Stocking fillers for 4 to 6 year olds

The fabulous Orchard Toys now have a range of mini games just perfect for putting in a stocking. The boys love the full size games and puzzles so I am sure these will be just as popular.

Dobble is another game perfect for a stocking. A 5 in 1 card game, it is entertaining for all ages and will certainly put your observational skills to the test. 

I always include a Lush bath bomb in the boys stockings. My favourite from the Christmas collection is the Butterbear,  he smells delicious and makes skin feel so soft. 

Dotcomgiftshop is one of my favourite places to pickup little bits and pieces. These cute nightlights are lovely in any child's room and are such a bargain too, there are toadstools, mushrooms and cute woodland animals available.

I know my boys would absolutely love these spy pens sets also from Dotcomgiftshop, perfect for budding secret agents. They can write their own secret messages and use the uv light in the pens lid to read them.

Boy Stocking 3 Plus, £20 from Hawkin’s Bazaar

Alternatively Hawkin's Bazaar sell these fab pre filled stockings ** for children and adults. Simply pick a gender and an age group and they will send a large stocking jam packed full of gifts. We were sent a boys 3+ stocking and I was so impressed with the contents which included a wooden vehicles, tone pipe, bath toys, stationary items and a soft toy.  These are such a great idea if you are limited on time and want to make a great saving as the contents of the £20 stocking are guaranteed to be worth a minimum of £35, they are great value for money.

**Some items were sent for the purpose of this post, all opinions are my own **

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Barney at 7 months old

At the end of October Barney turned 7 months old. This month has seen quite a few things going on with Barney, it is lovely to see him developing but I am sad that he is growing up so quickly too.

7 months old baby, gap stripe sleep suit,  modern burlap muslin

7 months old baby, gap stripe sleep suit,  modern burlap muslin

This month he has started to sit up properly however he really isn't that interested in doing it and much prefers to be on his feet, either held up by us or he can stand holding onto the sofa for quite a while. He doesn't crawl be yet but is pushing himself up to his hands and knees so it might not be long, at the moment he seems quite happy to roll around on the floor instead.
I was sent a pre one year check for from the health visitor recently and had a quick glance at it, with him being my third it is easy to miss the smaller parts of development but looking at the checklist reminded me of all the small things he is doing such as passing small items between his hands.

Barneys sleeping at night got quite unsettled for a while and when he started waking himself on the side of his crib, I knew it was time to finally move him from his Next to Me crib into the cot and it has really helped. The cot is still next to our bed because I like having him right there with me. He currently goes to bed at 7pm, has a bottle at around midnight, and then sleeps until around 5.30-6.30am when he has another bottle and will doze for another hour or so. In the day he tends to have one long nap and sometimes a short one in the morning too.

Eating wise we are still doing really well, he mostly feeds himself and we are yet to find anything he doesn't enjoy, he has 3 meals a day and sometimes a little snack too, he has water with his meals. He is having 5 7oz bottles of formula in a day, we have kept him on stage 1 of milk which we will carry on with until he reaches 12 months as we did with his brothers. 

Being in the carrier
Being held up in standing position
Splashing in the bath
Eating with the family
Christmas lights

The printer terrifies him
Being moved away

Monday, 7 November 2016

Our weekly meal plan 7/11

Happy Monday meal planners. I hope everyone had a great weekend and got to enjoy some bonfire night fun. We had great fun at a display, the baby just slept through it all.
We did well with last week's meal plan until last night when I realised I had forgotten to freeze the fishcakes and they had gone out of date. Oops. I did quite a bit of cooking last week, I made a fruit loaf, a big batch of cauliflower cheese for the freezer and a pumpkin soup as the farm we visited were giving them away.

This weeks plan is a mix of things chosen by the boys(curry, pizza and sausages!), and some easy slow cooker dinners.

Our weekly meal plan 7/11

Monday Slow cooked meatballs in a tomato and basil sauce

Tuesday Chicken and Sweet Potato Korma

Wednesday Pizza

Thursday Slow cooked gammon with mini roast potatoes, stuffing, veg and gravy

Friday Gammon and sweetcorn pasta

Saturday Slow cooker chilli and rice

Sunday Toad in the hole, mash and onion gravy

If you meal plan,  why not join in and add your plan to the blog linky below?

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Autumn at Yorkshire Sculpture Park

I have mentioned before that Yorkshire Sculpture Park is one of my favourite places to go locally. Last week we headed there for an Autumn walk and to see the KAWS sculptures one final time before they are removed. I love that our visits are never the same, there is usually something new to look at or a different direction to walk in, the boys never get bored of the park and have their favourite sculptures to look at.

Autumn is lovely at the park, the changing leaves falling from the trees daring the boys to catch them as they fell, the shiny conkers waiting to be picked up by eager hands and the muddy puddles just daring you to splash in them. A perfect place to enjoy time as a family.

Ribbon tree at Yorkshire sculpture park

Yorkshire sculpture park

Totem pole, Yorkshire sculpture park

Boy splashing in muddy puddle

Running horse, Yorkshire sculpture park

KAWS,  Yorkshire sculpture park

KAWS at Yorkshire sculpture park

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Mythical Monster Map Review and Giveaway

From Banshee to Weretigers, travel around the world on a journey of legends and folklore with Mythical Monster Maps. With Halloween just behind us, monsters have been a hot topic in this house recently, we've read stories, made monster cookies and learnt about Mythical Monsters with this fab colour in map from Maps International.

Mythical monster map review and giveaway

Maps International is the UK's largest online souce of wall maps have a they fab range of monster map posters available in their kids range. There is a laminated poster,  a glow map and the colouring poster that we have been busy looking at.

Maps international Mythical monster map

Mythical monsters colouring poster

I kept this map to do with Seb, he is 6 this month and enjoys talking about monsters and other scary things.  I am always keen to keep our learning fun and this map was a great way to look at the world and introduce mythology. The poster is large and printed on good quality paper, it came well packaged in a strong tube (which became a telescope). We really enjoyed reading the information about the monsters around the border and finding out where in the world they are believed in, he is at an age where he enjoys maps and the added bonus of monsters really appealed to him plus the colouring in made it a hands on activity. He is a great age for this map and I can see older children enjoying it too. Once the colouring is complete the poster can be put on display for everyone to admire! Check out the video below

Maps International are offering 10% off any products on their website with the code MONSTERS10 They have some fab products ideal for gifts for all ages so pop over and take advantage of the discount. I love the Kids Animal Map of the World, it would be fab in our playroom!

The lovely team at Maps International are giving two people the chance to win Mythical Monster Colour in Map. Simply fill in the rafflecopter below to enter. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

1. Open to UK residents only.

2. Entrants must be over 18.

3. All entries will be checked.

4. Please make sure i have a way to contact you if you win.

5. Prize will be sent by PR.. 

6. The prize is one Mythical Monster Colour In Map for two separate winners.. No cash alternative. 

7. If I am unable to make contact with the winner within a reasonable time a new winner will be drawn.

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