Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Barney at 7 months old

At the end of October Barney turned 7 months old. This month has seen quite a few things going on with Barney, it is lovely to see him developing but I am sad that he is growing up so quickly too.

7 months old baby, gap stripe sleep suit,  modern burlap muslin

7 months old baby, gap stripe sleep suit,  modern burlap muslin

This month he has started to sit up properly however he really isn't that interested in doing it and much prefers to be on his feet, either held up by us or he can stand holding onto the sofa for quite a while. He doesn't crawl be yet but is pushing himself up to his hands and knees so it might not be long, at the moment he seems quite happy to roll around on the floor instead.
I was sent a pre one year check for from the health visitor recently and had a quick glance at it, with him being my third it is easy to miss the smaller parts of development but looking at the checklist reminded me of all the small things he is doing such as passing small items between his hands.

Barneys sleeping at night got quite unsettled for a while and when he started waking himself on the side of his crib, I knew it was time to finally move him from his Next to Me crib into the cot and it has really helped. The cot is still next to our bed because I like having him right there with me. He currently goes to bed at 7pm, has a bottle at around midnight, and then sleeps until around 5.30-6.30am when he has another bottle and will doze for another hour or so. In the day he tends to have one long nap and sometimes a short one in the morning too.

Eating wise we are still doing really well, he mostly feeds himself and we are yet to find anything he doesn't enjoy, he has 3 meals a day and sometimes a little snack too, he has water with his meals. He is having 5 7oz bottles of formula in a day, we have kept him on stage 1 of milk which we will carry on with until he reaches 12 months as we did with his brothers. 

Being in the carrier
Being held up in standing position
Splashing in the bath
Eating with the family
Christmas lights

The printer terrifies him
Being moved away

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