Thursday, 17 November 2016

Organix Review. Great Taste. No Junk.

With three children I have become pretty familiar with children's food brands. Organix is one of the brands that has been there since I weaned Seb over 5 years ago. Recently we were sent a box of Organix products to try.

Organix focus on tasty foods for babies, toddlers and beyond. All products are made with organic ingredients and the brand has a no junk promise. The ingredients on the products are recognisable and the labelling is easy to read. There is a wide range of products available from baby rice to oats bars for older children and also a great variety of different flavours on offer.

Organix banana and plum baby porridge

Porridge is a regular breakfast for us and Barney has been loving this Organix Banana and Plum Porridge (7 months +). I make it up using his formula or a little whole milk and give it either plain or with a bit of fresh fruit. What is great about this porridge is that it has texture to it instead of being totally smooth.

Ricecakes have been a staple in all three of my weaning journeys, in fact the big two still enjoy them. Organix Apple Ricecakes are perfectly sized for tiny hands and Barney loves a good chew on them. I tend to give them alongside a little fresh fruit. I think the knobbly texture feels nice on teething gums. They also come in banana,  cherry, raspberry and blueberry and also carrot and tomato flavours too.

Organix ricecakes and blueberries

Barney has also been enjoying Organix Creamy Vanilla Baby Biscuits (7 months+). These biscuits are perfect for little ones as the ring shapes makes them easy to grip and manipulate. Made with wheat flour, grape juice with a sprinkle of vanilla they make a lovely afternoon snack for Barney if the boys are having a biscuit.

Organix creamy vanilla baby biscuits, weaning

The older two have been trying some of the Organix Goodies range which is a range of snacks for toddlers and beyond. They are already big fans of the ranges Carrot Stix and Mini Gingerbread men biscuits.

The Banana Puffcorn (12months+) went down really well with the big two. The 10g bags are the perfect portion size to satisfy them and for me it is great that there are no hard kernals to worry about. At the weekend we enjoyed the puffcorn with some fresh fruit and chocolate buttons while watching a film.

Organix banana puffcorn, fresh fruit and popcorn

Seb loves the Orange and Cocoa Crisp Bars (12months+), made with raisins and puffed rice these tasted quite strongly of orange which he really liked. They are perfect for snacking on the go.

The final item we tried are Organix Goodies Cheese and Chive Breadsticks (12months+). These come as a multi pack and each pack is a great portion size for young children to snack on.  The boys both enjoyed these alone and also with a little soft cheese to use as a dip.

Organix cheese and Chive Breadsticks

We have loved trying out some of the Organix range and will definitely be continuing to buy from the brand. For more information on the brand and it's products check out the Organix website!
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