Monday, 7 November 2016

Our weekly meal plan 7/11

Happy Monday meal planners. I hope everyone had a great weekend and got to enjoy some bonfire night fun. We had great fun at a display, the baby just slept through it all.
We did well with last week's meal plan until last night when I realised I had forgotten to freeze the fishcakes and they had gone out of date. Oops. I did quite a bit of cooking last week, I made a fruit loaf, a big batch of cauliflower cheese for the freezer and a pumpkin soup as the farm we visited were giving them away.

This weeks plan is a mix of things chosen by the boys(curry, pizza and sausages!), and some easy slow cooker dinners.

Our weekly meal plan 7/11

Monday Slow cooked meatballs in a tomato and basil sauce

Tuesday Chicken and Sweet Potato Korma

Wednesday Pizza

Thursday Slow cooked gammon with mini roast potatoes, stuffing, veg and gravy

Friday Gammon and sweetcorn pasta

Saturday Slow cooker chilli and rice

Sunday Toad in the hole, mash and onion gravy

If you meal plan,  why not join in and add your plan to the blog linky below?

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