Sunday, 13 November 2016

Paper Plate Poppies for Remembrance Day

I think it is really important to encourage children to encourage children to take part in remembrance day. Last year we visited the poppies at Yorkshire Sculpture Park and made fingerprint poppy wreaths. This year we have made paper plate poppies for remembrance day and today we watched our local parade and went to the war memorial.

Paper plate poppies, remembrance day

These paper plate poppies are pretty much the simplest poppy craft out there, so easy that even very young toddlers can join in but also enjoyable for older children too (Seb is 6 this month and enjoyed it). All you need is some paper plates, red tissue paper, black paper and glue (pva or a glue stick will work perfectly).

Paper plate poppies

Simply rip or cut up the red tissue paper (get the little ones to help,  they love it) and glue the pieces to the paper plates. Once the plate is covered in red tissue paper, cut the black paper and glue to the centre. Leave the glue to dry and you will have some beautiful poppies to display.

Paper plate poppy

There are some great resources available to help children understand and learn more about remembrance day. For very young children Cbeebies have a lovely shirt film called Poppies. Twinkl have some great printables availabke inckuding this simple 3D Poppy Craft. For older children The British Legion have some fab resources available. 

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