Friday, 16 December 2016

Barney at 8 months old

As per usual I am running late with my update post. Barney turned 8 months old at the end of November. It feels like he has changed quite a lot in the last month, it always amazes me how quickly they develop and learn and I love to sit and watch him working things out, I absolutely adore babies and always have they are just amazing little things.

We had a pre 1 year, check this week, this was something my older two never had, I was curious to see what was involved plus I wanted to get him weighed so popped along! The check was fine just is he doing this that or the other, making sure I know what to feed him, how to look after teeth etc. I can't say it was overly useful but I did get him weighed and he is now weighing in at 23lb.

This month has seen a big improvement when it comes to sleep. After several months of waking in the night for feeds he has started to sleep though again. He goes to bed at 7ish and sleeps until around 6am, sometimes he will go back off for another hour or two, sometimes he is wide awake and ready to get up. He still sleeps in our room, his cot is next to our bed and despite having an empty room waiting for him, i really like having him close. I think perhaps after Christmas we might think about moving him.
The longer night sleep means he has dropped a bottle and is now having 4 a day at around 6am,  10am, 3pm and 7pm alongside 3 meals a day. He is still enjoying food, he favours feeding himself and that is mostly what we do. He loves cucumber sticks, meatballs, grated cheese, pasta, natural yogurt and any berries. He hasn't really refused any foods yet! I really hope that I am going to have another good eater on my hands.

He is now pretty sturdy at sitting up when he feels like it but he much prefers to be rolling around, he spends 1st a bit of time on all fours rocking and can move backwards but he hasn't mastered crawling yet. He reminds me of Seb as a baby who also rolled everywhere until he was 10 months,  Barney also shows a preference for his left hand already which Seb did as a baby, I will be interested to see if he is also left handed in a few years time. He loves kicking, and would happily kick the doors, table, sofa etc for hours if I let him. I think he enjoys the noise and is learning cause and effect. We went to soft play last week and he loved the baby area, rolling all over and watching others, he also enjoys the swings at the park now.

He absolutely loves his brothers, they really entertain him and he just loves rolling over to them when they are playing and grabbing at their toys (they aren't so keen on this when he knocks their buildings down). He likes them to be nearby, if they leave the room he shouts at them and the biggest smiles and laughs are saved for them. Luckily he is adored right back and he is lavished with attention and love. It is funny how even at such a young age the bond is there already.

He is very chatty, we get lots of sounds from him now and even the odd mamama which is lovely. He is a bit wary of people and for the first time as a mum I am dealing with a baby who has a little separation anxiety. It has taken me a bit by suprise as Seb and Alex were always very happy to go to anyone for cuddles, Barney is much happier with myself or Phil. Time will help with that and we have no need to be separated from him anyway.


  • Pulling daddy's beard 
  • Poking people's eyes 
  • Playing with my colander and plastic spoons
  • Eating stray pieces of paper that the boys have left around
  • Being in the carrier
  • Long splashy baths 


  • Being changed or getting dressed, it is like wrestling an angry octopus! 
  • The hoover

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