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Chicco Next2Me Crib Review

When I was pregnant with Barney I knew I wanted to buy a cosleeper crib. After looking around at the various options we went for the Chicco Next2Me Crib. Barney is now 9 months old and has been out of the crib for around 2 months so I thought I would fianlly write a review of it.

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Why a co sleeper crib? 

We wanted a cosleeper crib because I like to keep my babies close. When Barney was born, Alex still spent several nights a week in our bed for at least part of the night. We wanted to make sure Barney had a safe space of his own to sleep in. Funnily enough once Barney arrived Alex started coming into our bed less and less of his own accord!


The crib is very simple to put up. It comes flat packed in several parts but there are clear instructions. There are also downloadable instructions available online if you should lose them. You can use the crib like a normal crib with the side up or you can attach the crib with the provided straps as a cosleeper and have the mesh side down. There are several height levels to suit different beds. Whichever you choose read the instructions to ensure you have it safely assembled, I can't stress this enough.

Chicco next to me crib, bedding review, next2me


When lookimg at bedding for the Chicco Next2Me Crib, make sure you check the sizing.  The crib is not standard size and while you can buy some sheets that fit, they tend to be a bit boring. I bought some nice fabrics and my mother in law made us some sheets to fit. They were amazing! When in use we used either a sheet and a sleeping bag or a sheet and blankets. It is really important to keep the rest of the crib empty as per the safe sleep guidelines.

In use

The crib is easy and convenient. Barney slept in his crib every night from the day we got out of hospital, newborns like to be close and the crib allows for that. At home we always kept the side down and attached to our bed. Having had a c section it made nightime much easier for me during my slow recovery. Barney was right there next to me, no bending to lift him. If you are breastfeeding I imagine it would be even more convenient.
As I mentioned above, I like to keep my babies close and it is lovely to have them in touching distance. I spent many a night hand in hand with Barney. And it was lovely waking up to his gummy smiles right next to me.

The main reason we picked the Chicco Next2Me Crib over it's main competitor was bigger size. Having had a long baby in the past I wanted to know that we would be able to use the crib for at least 6 months. Barney is following the 91st centile lines in and was in the crib until 7 months and he still had room. We knew it was time to put the crib down when Barney was becoming much more mobile and needed a little more space to roll around at night. I admit it was a sad day when we swapped it for the cot.

Chicco next to me crib, baby asleep, review

Chicco next to me crib, review


As well as being easy to put up, the crib is very simple to put down and fits into the storage bag provided. This means it is easy to take when travelling.  You can't help but worry when travelling with a young baby about how they will sleep somewhere different. Travel cots can be a huge space for a baby used to a smaller sleep space. We have taken the Chicco Next2Me Crib away with us several times and Barney has slept absolutely fine as he would at home.

Would I recommend the Chicco Next2Me Crib?

Yes! This has been one the best products we have had for any of our babies and I included it in my guide of best new baby buys. I wish it had been around when the older two were born. After several months of use our crib is as good as new still.

Chicco next to me crib review, Co sleeping crib

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