Saturday, 17 December 2016

Pom Pom and Glitter Christmas Trees

Craft pom poms are one of those items that I have tonnes of in my crafty stash. I rarely seem to use them. A few days ago I had a sudden thought that they would make perfect baubles so for one our advent activities we made pom pom and glitter Christmas trees. I have a massive soft spot for glitter and as soon as it is bonfire night ours make an appearance. It then stays right the way through to Chinese New Year. I know it makes a mess BUT children do love it and it does look awesome! Of course you can use glitter glues or skip the glitter altogether if you prefer.

Craft pom poms and glitter

This craft is really simple for children of all abilities so is great if you have children of different ages. It is really just for fun but can also encourage counting and colour recognition. You could even encourage pattern making with the pom poms. Sebastian (6) was precise with his tree and I love how he made a line of pom poms across the bottom. Alex (4) was much more haphazard and we had fun counting the pom poms as he stuck them down. 

You just need some green craft paper or card cut into a Christmas tree shape, some craft pom poms, PVA glue and glitter (or glitter glues).

Pom pom and glitter Christmas trees, kids crafts

Pom pom and glitter Christmas trees, kids crafts

All the children need to do is decorate the tree with the pom poms. The craft pom poms require a good layer of glue to stay stuck down so make sure the children are generous with it. It your children are like mine this wont be a problem.

Once happy with the pom poms sprinkle over a layer of glitter so that it sticks to the excess glue. Alternatively use glitter glue to make it sparkle. 

Leave to dry (this may take a while!).  You are left with pretty pom pom and glitter Christmas trees to display or give to grandparents.
Pom pom and glitter Christmas trees, kids crafts

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