Wednesday, 14 December 2016

What Home Education Looked Like in November

I haven't blogged much about our home education much recently so I thought I would do a round up post showing what home education looked like in November in this house. Of course we already well into December!
I am finding the further into home ed we get, the more unschooly we become. It is working really well for us all right now. I think having a baby who is now on the move and napping less means being very flexible is important. This post is a mish mash of what we got upto.

West Yorkshire fire engine

We started the month celebrating bonfire night,  making fireworks crafts, learning about the gunpowder plot with these fab twinkl printables and going to our first ever display at a fire station as a family. There were so many questions! The boys enjoyed the display although Alex was a little nervous of the huge bonfire at first as we were quite close to it
We had pumpkins left from Halloween and made pumpkin soup from one, had a good look(and feel) inside and planted a couple of seeds which have grown. Last month we learnt about life cycles of pumpkins so I am hoping to keep them alive over the winter to show the boys the life cycle in real life.

Wearing 3d glasses

We have been enjoying the Into Film Festival which has run throughout the month of November. We have seen The Secret Life of Pets, The BFG, Bedknobs and Broomsticks and The Good Dinosaur. The Secret Life of Pets was 3D and it was the first time the boys had seen a 3D film, needless to say they loved it particularly Seb. The films have some nice themes of friendship in them to bring away. We made dreamcatchers(post to come) to go along with The BFG and some dinosaur colouring and and baking after seeing The Good Dinosaur.

Paper plate poppies

I talked to the boys about remembrance day and what it is about. We made paper plate poppies and went to see our local parade. I was really proud of them understanding the reason for the silence and taking part in it,

Jumping in puddles

The weather has been all over the place this month, we have enjoyed lots of outside time at the park, farm and country park, as well as time at soft play and playdates. We even squeezed in the Room on the Broom trail. There has been plenty of splashing in puddles and enjoying the sunshine on days where it has appeared.

Space work

We are loosely following a Space topic, which we dip in and out of. The boys have learnt the planets, a little about them and we made a mobile of the solar system with card, paints and glitter which they both loved.

Seb caught the end of an episode of How it's made this month and since then him and Alex have been asking how everything is made. I have utilised YouTube to help with their questions and so far we have learnt how so many things are made from lightbulbs to coins to chicken nuggets. We have also watched some bits of Planet Earth 2 which is just fantastic.

Both boys are very into drawing at the moment, there are lots of maps and mazes being created. Alex is becoming more interested in letters and numbers, his counting is coming on, he loves My First Bananagrams and we have started an alphabet book. Seb who has never been much of a writer sat and wrote a whole page of writing by himself, using full stops and with very little help, it has really made me realise that he will do these things when he is ready and that I was right to leave him until he had something he wanted to write instead of trying to force it. Seb has also been really keen on multiplication this month,  he has a CD which he loves and he knows his 2,5 and 10 times tables plus parts of others.

Reading to barney

We read together daily with books from our own collection and the library. Some favourites this month have been How to Catch a Star, Vintage Postman Pat books¡ Mr Men books, Paddington books and Elmer has been requested a lot. Seb has been dipping in and out of Roald Dahl when he reads in bed at night, he has also been avidly reading through Life which goes along with a BBC series from a few years ago about life on earth. Seb reads a lot of Alex and Barney too.

Vintage carousel

The end of the month saw Seb turning 6. A huge benefit to home education is doing exactly what you want on your birthday. Seb requested a visit to Leeds German Market and the Lego shop so that is exactly what we did and it was a lovely day. We got him the Lego train set he has asked for and he built the whole thing himself, I think Phil was a bit miffed that he didn't get to help!

I honestly didn't realise we had done so much and I haven't even touched on all the learning happening through play and simply living life. December is always a fun month for us and I can't wait to share with you in a few weeks.

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