Monday, 9 January 2017

Barney at nine months old

Barney is now nine months old. I have been thinking about how miraculous babies are recently. How they are born helpless with just a few reflexes and how quickly they develop and change. It really is pretty amazing. Barney is no longer recognisable as the tiny newborn he was just a few short months ago

I haven't had him weighed since our last update but he definitely still growing! He takes around 28oz of milk a day at the moment as well as 3 meals and a snack some days. He is still enjoying his food.
In my last update i mentioned that he was starting to sleep tbrough the night again well scrap that. It lasted a couple of weeks and now we are back to giving a bottle at some point during the night again.  He likes to sleep on his front now and also sometimes wakes himself up by getting wedged into a corner of his cot! He is terrible at napping during the day and will happily have just 15 minutes sleep which is obviously not enough. It is difficult to have proper nap time which is the same every day as we are of course doing different things each day. He would happily naps for ages in my arms but again much as I would love that I have two other children to look after.

We still have a non crawler, he still spends a lot of time on his hands and knees rocking before giving up and rolling instead. He can move his arms and legs but hasn't worked out how to coordinate them yet. We all encourage him to crawl but then I step back and think hang on, I don't want him to crawl, he will be into everything even more!
He is getting very cheeky and I can see glimpses of the toddler he will soon become. He waves and tries to clap, chatters away and is generally a happy little thing.
He has been happier with other people this month. At Christmas he was happy to be held by others and I am thinking of leaving him with grandparents for an hour or so soon to see how he goes.

Being outside
Touch and feel books
Knocking towers down

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