Friday, 3 February 2017

Barney is 10 months old

So it is February and Barney is 10 months old. I am starting to think about his first birthday and that seems kind of unreal, the last year has been so fast.

Barney 10 months old

He has come on so much in the last month, he suddenly seems less of a baby now. He has spent this month getting much more physical. The biggie is that he is crawling. He started a couple of weeks ago and now there is no stopping him. As soon as he started crawling he also started pulling himself up to standing on anything he can find, attempting to cruise along furniture and climbing. The baby gates have now come back out! Along the way he has also learnt to sit himself up from pretty much any position. I forgot how fast they can move and the moving everything up out of reach stage. All of this also means he is having tumbles and I am constantly waiting to catch him.

Barney 10 months old, modern burlap muslin, little cubs sleepsuit

His separation anxiety is so much better now. Although I still haven't left him with anyone else, he is happier to go to others. He is really interacting with others, smiling at strangers and chattering. He adores his brothers and follows them everywhere and really wants to be involved in their play. He shouts at them if they leave the room.
He loves noisy books and toys and anything with flashing lights is a hit. He also absolutely loves music. He has started to join in with certain songs, clapping and pointing and attempting to say certain sounds.

Barney, 10 months old

He is a fantastic eater. He happily tucks into meals with us, we still haven't found anything he doesn't like. He is also still having 4 or 5 bottles of milk a day and showing no sign of dropping them as yet.
Sleep is still hit and miss. He goes to bed at 7 and settles easily. Some nights he sleeps right through until morning, other nights he will be up once or twice. We have tried cosleeping but he isn't really keen on it and just gets more upset. His cot is still next to our bed so I am right next to him, he just seems to like his own space. During the day his naps also vary from a 15 minute nap to a couple of hours.

Nursery rhymes
Noisy books
Pulling hair!

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