Monday, 13 February 2017

Home Education in January

January is a funny month we are all recovering from Christmas and the weather is cold and grey. Home education in January was  a mixed bag. In the middle of January we were all pretty much wiped out for two weeks with a horrible bug and that meant we were stuck at home and watched more TV than we ever would usually. While I am not anti TV I don't tend to have it on much particularly during the day so it was quite unusual for us. I am glad that home ed means that the boys were able to recover fully at home without having to worry about attendance percentages.

I pad home education

The boys had been very lucky at Christmas with lots of lovely gifts which we are making use of. Kinetic sand and play doh sets have been out as well as new games, both boys are enjoying Pipeline and some new Orchard Toys games. They also received iPads, this is the first time they have had anything like this and it amazing how quickly they pick it up. Seb has been enjoying the Lego apps and also some basic coding and Alex has been enjoying Duplo and Fireman Sam apps. To be honest we haven't fully explored them yet but will be doing over coming months. Seb received a watch for Christmas and within a couple of days he was confidently telling the time.  We had already dabbled with it and he knew the basics but now he is a pro and is never without his watch.

Play doh cookies

The boys started at a Lego club this month which they absolutely loved. They built moving models and it was really enjoyable for them and they are both excited to go again. We have had a couple of play dates in January around our illness and have also visited soft play, the library been bowling and of course outside to parks including Cannon Hall Gardens and Middleton Park.  We have started planning what places we would like to visit this year and have booked a trip to London and a break at Center Parcs.

Cannon hall gardens

Seb is still loving times tables and he was so excited when I printed out the Twinkl Times Table Challenge for him. He has also loved the times tables cut and paste pages from Twinkl. Alex likes to have worksheets printed too but still tends to get bored halfway through them, it is definitely not his learning style! Reading wise as usual we read daily from our vast collection at home. Seb has also devoured an Enid Blyton book called Are We There Yet? which he has really enjoyed. I also ordered a magazine each, Whizz Pop Bang for Seb and Dot for Alex. I am thinking of subscribing So wanted to try single issues first.

Whizz pop bang

We always have some fun for Chinese New Year, it always perks us up, coming a few weeks after the excitement of Christmas has faded. This year I had some cool sticker resources picked up from Crafty Crocodiles and I paired them up with our favourite book about Chinese New Year. We had fun looking up which animal represent our birth year and the characteristics related to them.We of course made lanterns,  I also printed some resources from Twinkl and we ate Chinese food with chopsticks and had fortune cookies. I also used chop sticks in a fine motor skills craft where the boys picked up craft Pom poms with them dipped them in paint and made pictures.

Home education January,  Chinese new year

Home education January,  Chinese new year

I want to get the boys back into cooking with me more, they always used too but recently it had slipped a little apart from the usual baking. This month I taught Seb to make a cheese sauce, he did it all himself wth me supervising and was so proud that he had helped to make our lasagne. I am hoping to teach both boys lots of basics as they grow up because cooking is such an important lifeskill to have and also teaches about nutrition, measuring and science.

Home education in January, season wheel

One of our favourite crafts this month was making a season wheel. We split paper plates into four sections and painted. I then printed out season resources from Twinkl(where else?!) and we cut and stuck them onto our wheel. It was a good reminder of the order of the seasons and corresponding months and how they go in a cycle.

So that is how home education in January looked for us. I would love to know what other home edders have nene upto recently. I am also taking good part in #100daysofhomeed pop over to Instagram to see what we get upto day to day.

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