Friday, 10 March 2017

Barney is 11 months old update

I know I always say it but time is flying and Barney is 11 months old now. I can't believe that next month he will turn one! It is lovely seeing him growing but sad that they don't stay babies for just a tiny bit longer.

Barney is 11 months old

The last few weeks have been a huge in terms of development. After he started to crawl and pull himself up last month, he is now cruising along furniture, climbing the stairs and sofa and is into everything. We even have a tooth.

He chatters constantly playing with new sounds,  he loves being around other children (especially his brothers) and imitating them. Nothing makes me smile more than his excitement at seeing his brothers come downstairs in the morning, He loves investigating everything at the moment, I love watching him pottering around picking everything up and looking to see what it does. When playing he loves putting things into containers, looking at picture books, joining in with singing and playing with water. Like his brothers he also loves toy cars and duplo which he tries to connect together. 

His routine has totally changed this last month. He is sleeping through pretty much every night and is having a short nap after lunch each day. I have come to accept that he just doesn't need much sleep in the daytime and 20 minutes seems to be enough. I just try to cram as much as possible into that time! He has also dropped to having 3 bottles a day. He still eats well and has water from a 360 cup. Our days tend to start at around 6.30-7am, he has a morning bottle then breakfast around 8-9am. Lunch around 12 followed by another bottle and a nap. A snack mid afternoon and dinner around 5.30 and a bottle and bed at 7pm. He still sleeps in our room though I think this month he will probably go into his own room.

We left him for the first time a couple of a weeks ago. He went with the boys to Phils parents for a couple of hours and was fine. It was really nice just to have a couple of hours on our own.

So that is Barney at 11 months old. Next month I will have a 1 year old. 

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