Thursday, 9 March 2017

Mothers Day Handprint Flowers Craft

Mothers Day is coming up on 26th March.  This Mothers Day handprint flowers craft is lovely for babies and toddlers to make for mums and grandmas. There is nothing cuter than a tiny handprint but they don't stay tiny for long.

Handprint flowers craft

Seb is six now and his handprints are getting pretty big! He isn't so keen on handprinting these days but I did convince him to join in with this handprint flowers craft. That means I could have a full set of the boys prints, yay!

I used some green paper straws for the stems.  You could easily substitute them for plastic straws or even green pipe cleaners would work. Apart from that you just need poster paint,  white card and some sticky tape.

Pick out some lovely bright coloured paints card. Paint your child's hand and print onto the card. Once dry, cut around the handprints and attach to the paper straws or pipe cleaners with sticky tape. Gather a few together to make a bunch. Display in an old school mini milk bottle or tie together with some twine.

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