Monday, 13 March 2017

Our Weekly Meal Plan #11

Happy Monday Meal Planners!  Well last weeks meal plan was a bit of a washout, a sickness bug swept through the house so our meal plan went a bit awry. Thankfully everyone is better now so our weekly meal plan should be more successful. I popped to the butchers on Saturday afternoon and they were selling off gammon joints for £2 so I snapped one up for this week, I also picked up some of their lovely sausages for £2, such a bargain and cheaper than supermarket meat.

Our weekly meal plan family of five

Monday BBQ Chicken Pasta

Tuesday Posh hot dogs, corn on the cob and curly fries

Wednesday Slow cooked chilli with rice or baked sweet potato

Thursday Tomato soup and cheese toasties

Friday Cheesey veg bake

Sat Slow cooked gammon with pineapple, sweet potato mash and some kind of veg

Sunday Cheesy Gammon Pasta

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