Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Sculptures and Rainbows at Lister Park

On Sunday morning the boys were bickering over anything and everything in that way only siblings can. We wrapped everyone up and headed out to Lister Park in Bradford hoping to clear everyones heads. The weather was a real mixed bag, wind, rain showers and sunshine which of course leads to rainbows. A bit of rain doesn't deter us, wellies went on and we started exploring.

Lister Park in Bradford is a green flag park just one mile from Bradford City centre. The park is also home to the stunning Cartwright Hall which houses Bradfords art gallery. We decided to give the gallery a miss this time as the boys really needed to be outside where they could be noisy and burn off some energy. I am really looking forward to visiting when the David Hockney Gallery opens in the summer.

We walked around the hall looking at the outdoor artwork and gorgeous flowerbeds. I thought the stag sculpture was lovely, particularly with the rainbow captured in the background.
Just to the side of Cartwright Hall is the Mughal Water Garden. The water garden is designed to reflect Bradfords rich culture. It is such a calm area and I imagine beautiful on a sunny day.

Lister park, stag sculpture, rainbow

Lister park, sculpture

Lister park, Mughal water garden,

The park has a large boating lake full of ducks and swans, and there is a waterfall at one end. I spotted a beautiful Cayuga duck but he was shy and I couldn't get a photo of him. I did manage to capture the swans though, they are so serene.

Lister park, waterfall

Lister park, swan

One area of the park is dedicated to a botanical garden.  We all really enjoyed this, following the stream and looking at the plants and the bridges. Even at this time of year it is looking really pretty.
Lister park, Bradford,  botanical gardens bridge

Lister park Bradford,  botanical gardens

Lister park, botanical gardens

Lister park, Bradford

Of course for the boys a good play area is a must and here the play area is fantastic. I always love going to playgrounds where the equipment is a bit more exciting than the standard slide and swings. The boys particularly loved the pirate ship and the rope swings.
Lister park pirate ship

Lister park playground

Lister park playground

Lister park mosaic

I am so pleased that we have finally visited Lister Park, we will definitely be back in the summer with a picnic and some food for the ducks. And of course to visit Cartwright Hall. 
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