Tuesday, 7 March 2017

The Boys First Visit to London

You might have seen on social media that we have just taken the boys on their first visit to London! I absolutely love London, it is such an amazing city. We spent three days there and the boys have had such an exciting time and want to go back for longer next time!

Lego shop tube train, London

Lego shop London,  telephone box

Lego shop London,  batman

One of the reasons the boys were desperate to visit was to go to the world's biggest Lego shop in Leicester Square. They had seen it on TV and were so keen to go. We ended up visiting twice while we were there. The staff are fantastic, so friendly and enthusiastic.  Of course we came out with a couple of new Lego sets to bring home. We also had to pop into M&M World too as it is right opposite and smells SO ridiculously good.

I was keen to visit one of the fabulous museums on offer in the capital while we were there. There are so many to choose from but we opted for the Science Museum this time. The museum is huge, we were there most of the day and didn't see everything. It is so interactive which is perfect for Seb and Alex and even Barney enjoyed himself in The Garden in the basement area. I had to stop myself buying up the whole gift shop because we wouldn't have been able to get it all back on the train!

Space model science museum

Astronaut at science museum London

Pattern pod science museum, London

The garden, science museum London

The garden, science museum london

Of course you can't visit London without seeing some of the sights and we walked down to see Big Ben and the houses of parliament. From there we walked down Buckingham Palace through St James Park.  The boys were in awe at the size of the palace and loved watching the guards.

The Thames embankment

Big Ben grey sky

Outside Buckingham palace

Another must do in London is Hamleys of course. The biggest, oldest toy shop in the world is a fantastic experience for all ages. Five floors of toys to explore and try outo.  It really is a dream come true for children.

Inside hamleys

Outside hamleys at opening time

So that was the highlights of the boys first visit to London.  We can't wait to go again to explore some more.  

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