Monday, 20 March 2017

Weekly Meal Plan #12

Happy Monday Meal Planners! I am looking forward to this weeks meals. Our freezer is rammed full at the moment so I am hoping to use up a good amount of the veg in there this week.

I also have loads of carrots and sweet potatoes at the moment so those that dont get used up in our meals will be going into a soup. I can't wait for our halloumi burgers and am also looking forward to our pizzas, the boys always love making them and I am trying a different base recipe this time to use up some wholemeal bread flour.

Monday Sausages with sweet potato mash and some veg from the freezer

Tuesday Roast chicken dinner

Wednesday Philadelphia carbonara pasta

Thursday Halloumi Burgers and sweet potato fries

Friday Leek and potato soup

Saturday Pasta pesto and peas

Sunday Homemade Pizzas

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