Monday, 27 March 2017

Weekly Meal Plan #13

Happy Monday Meal Planners. I hope everyone was able to enjoy some family time yesterday.

Last weeks meal plan went well, we jiggled our meals around a bit but ate them all in the end. I really enjoyed the wholemeal pizza and the boys liked it too but Phil wasn't so keen, I think he likes his pizza as unhealthy as possible!
This week Barney will be celebrating his first birthday, where has that year gone?! So as well as our meals I will also be making a birthday cake and the big two have requested our traditional birthday breakfast of pancakes. Who am I to refuse?

Our plan is a bit boring this week to be honest, I was feeling a bit uninspired so just put our plan together quickly.

Monday Ikea meatballs with mash and green beans
Tuesday Slow cooked chilli with rice
Wednesday Pasta and meatballs in a veg sauce
Thursday Pulled pork with sweet potato mash and corn
Friday Fish and chips and peas
Saturday Cheesy broccoli and pasta bake
Sunday Omlettes and beans

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