Thursday, 6 April 2017

Barney at 12 Months Old

I can't quite believe that my little Barney is 12 months old. I have written about him each month during his first year and this will be the last monthly update I write. Barney turned 1 last week and we celebrated by going to the farm, eating rainbow cake and having a picnic in the park.  When you think how short a year is, it is amazing how much a baby changes in that time.

This last month Barney has continued to practice his crawling, cruising and climbing. He has occasionally started standing without holding on for a couple of seconds and loves walking along holding hands. I am really looking forward to him walking as the weather warms up.
He has been enjoying the pens and fingerprints I bought for his birthday and has been mark making with them.

He is quite a chatterbox and does lots of babbling. He says hi, dada and mama in context and can also say moo. I love hearing his speech develop. He also understands quite a bit of what we say, for example if say call Seb he will shout for him. He definitely understands no (but goes ahead anyway!).

Barney is a pretty easy going baby and is really easy to take places. He was fantastic when we went to London and loved the Science Museum and he also enjoys going out for food and eats everything on offer.

He eats 3 good sized meals a day plus an afternoon snack. A typical day would be porridge with fruit for breakfast, a sandwich with veg sticks and fruit for lunch, cheese for a snack and pasta for dinner with a yogurt afterwards. He now has just one bottle of formula a day at bedtime, the rest of the time he drinks cows milk in a 360 cup. Once the formula runs out we will take him off that bottle too.

He is wearing 12-18 month clothes still and is weighing in at ... I still use our carrier for him which he likes but I need to learn how to back carry as he is getting pretty big on my front now. He has two teeth and lots of hair! His eyes are still bright blue and I think they will stay that way now.

His sleep is currently pretty good, he goes to bed at 7 and will sleep for around 12 hours and he wakes up happy which is really lovely. I am enjoyed the increased sleep! In the day he has started to climb onto me when tired and falling asleep in my arms . I am totally taking these cuddly naps because all too soon he won't nap anymore.


  • Melon, tomatoes and cheese
  • Happyland
  • Soft play
  • Board books
  • Water play

You can check out Barneys 11 month update here.

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