Friday, 14 April 2017

My Favourite Easter Family Traditions

Easter is a lovely family time for us so I thought I would share my favourite Easter family traditions. Growing up Easter wasn't really a big deal in my family. Now I have my own family I have enjoyed creating our own Easter traditions. We use Easter as a chance to celebrate Spring and new life. Of course we also indulge in chocolate eggs,  hot cross buns and a tasty roast dinner too.

We always get crafty for celebrations. A week or so before Easter I make up a batch of salt dough and we roll it out and cut out shapes. Once they have hardened the boys decorate them and I string them on twine or ribbon. This year they opted for rabbits, chicks and butterflies. We usually have a range of Easter stickers and print outs from Twinkl to keep us busy too.

Once the salt dough decorations are ready we decorate the Easter tree. I honestly adore my Easter tree, I bought it from John Lewis a few years ago and it has lasted really well. I love the mix of shop bought and homemade decorations. This year the eggs and carrots are from Poundland (I just glued coloured ribbon to the carrots to hang them).

At Easter we always make chocolate crispy cakes and add themed decorations to the top. They are one of the easiest things to make with little ones and we all enjoy eating the fruits of our labour.

I am not organised enough to set up my own lovely egg hunt despite us having a small woodland behind our house which would be perfect (maybe next year?). Instead we go to one of the many local egg hunts that are on. It's a good excuse to get outside and get everybody workimg together. This year we have been to Pontefract Castle in hunt of a dragons egg.

Over the Easter weekend we always plant some seeds. This year Easter is fairly late so we have already made a start on growing potatoes, peppers, beans and strawberries. We do have some flower seeds to plant and it is also a great time to start growing sunflowers.

I would love to hear your favourite Easter family traditions. Do you go for walks, have a big roast dinner? Let me know.

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