Saturday, 15 April 2017

The Irish Fairy Door Company Review

Do you believe in fairies? We do! All you have to do is believe!
The Irish Fairy Door Company help fairies relocate into homes and gardens all over the world. They aim to create memorable moments and magic. We were recently sent our own fairy door so that we could welcome a fairy into our home.

The arrival of our fairy door was pretty exciting. It came beautifully packaged and the boys couldn't wait to get the contents out of the box. The box contains the beautiful wooden door, some stepping stones for your fairy, a magic key in a bottle, the fairy and family lease agreemen, a notepad for your fairy and the fairy welcome guide. There is also a secret code inside so that you can register your fairy on The Fairy Workplace Log on the Irish Fairy Door Company website. This means you can receive weekly emails direct from Fairy Valley. This is such a lovely touch, there are lots of ideas of ideas and activities for you and your fairy.

The boys decided to name our fairy Sparkle. We registered her and found that there were over a thousand other fairies with the name Sparkle. The boys promptly set up the door and stepping stones in their room. The door can be used outside too which would be really lovely.

The fairy door has really captured the boys imagination. They draw pictures and leave them out for Sparkle and they talk about what might be behind the door. In return Sparkle has left them some chocolate coins. I am keen to buy some of the gorgeous accessories available for the fairy door, perhaps a slide or washing line. I know we will have so much fun with the fairy door over the next few years. The door is such lovely quality I have no doubt that it will last well.

The fairy doors from The Irish Fairy Door Company make a beautiful gift for children.  They can be used in so many ways, the only limit is your childs imagination.

**We received this product for the purpose of this post, all opinions are my own**

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