Monday, 24 April 2017

Weekly Meal Plan #17

Happy Monday Meal Planners! Last week we did really well again and ate all of our planned meals until last night when I had been out with the boys all day and Phil had been at work since 5.45am so we had a sneaky Chinese when the boys were in bed.

This week is a mixture of bits we have in to use up and some requests.  Phil wanted dumplings and the boys wanted pizza and sausages. Alex has been asking to make flapjacks all weekend so we will do that today I think and I might pop a soup on too as I have some leeks to use up.

Monday Car brie nara
Tuesday Fishcakes, mash and sugarsnap peas
Wednesday Homemade pizza and salad
Thursday Chicken kievs, chips and veg
Friday Sausage, mash and veg
Saturday Ikea meatballs, chips and gravy
Sunday Beef casserole with dumplings

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