Thursday, 18 May 2017

Home Education in March and April 2017

Well I am a bit rubbish and have left until the end of May to write up our home education update for March and April. Oops! This post is going to be a very brief outline as two months is a lot of cover (and remember).

March was a busy month for us. We started with our trip to London which was just fantastic, the boys are so keen to go back again and to explore more of the city. Alex asks me pretty much every day. We have promised a trip next year.  The science museum was enjoyed by us all.  When we came home early Sebastian wrote a little about our visit on his ipad. I definitely want to use them for more typing as we have the keyboard to attach to them.

Other places we have visited over the last couple of months include Skipton, Cannon Hall Farm, Temple Newsom Farm, a couple of new parks as well as old favourites, we have spent a sunny day at the beach,  climbed trees, been to a castle, revisited the Room on the Broom trail, been Gruffalo Spotting, learnt about light and sound at Wonderlab and more. When i read it back we have been really busy!

We have been to our local Lego club plus to the one further out which is more of a structured session. We attended the monthly Lego build. We also have a new local weekly Home Ed group which is great.

We looked at the Easter story and learnt about spring at the farm. We planted potatoes, strawberries, peppers, sunflowers, herbs and some flowers and have been tending to them and watching them grow. We have had sensory fun with waterbeads and rainbow rice. We have made biscuits and homemade pizzas and Easter crispy cakes. We even turned the bath into a floating and sinking experiment and I introduced making predictions noting them down and then writing down what actually happens.

There has been a contination of interest in multiplication from Seb, i printed some challenges from Twinkl to go along with a workbook we completed. Money has also been a hot topic, Seb has really clicked with it and can add up several items at a time and work out change. He is reading avidly still, this month has included The Animals of Farthing Wood and Magical Stories for 6 year olds.

Alex is now really interested in numbers and letters. He recognises his letters and can match the capital and small letters. He can read his name, spell it and can write it.  He is enjoying counting and knows the meaning of the numbers. I have seen a huge leap in his development recently and it has shown me that children will come to things when they are ready, we need to trust them. At Easter the school places for next September were given out and of course we didn't apply for Alex. It is another milestone for us I guess.

Thats all for this month, hopefully next month I will post in a more timely manner! 

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