Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Kandinsky Inspired Elmer the Elephant Craft

Elmer the elephant is well loved in our house and has featured in our crafting over the years. This Kandinsky inspired Elmer the elephant craft is my favourite by far. I absolutely love how bright and colourful they have turned out. 

This weekend was Elmer DayElmer Day is all about celebrating our differences and it is a good opportunity to chat with children. At Lego Club we made Lego Elmers and at home we made our own Kandinsky inspired Elmer the elephant craft. Even Barney made one got involved and made one. 
The craft itself is pretty simple and uses Sebs favourite of PVA glue and Alexs favourite... paints! That boy loves getting messy! I have seen similar Elmers on pinterest using layered paper but I perfer mixing up our materials and I think it works. 

I cut plenty of squares of coloured craft paper for the boys to use to make a collage on a blank piece of A4 paper. Usually i let the boys cut but I really wanted squares! The amount of PVA used was insane! These got very sticky!Once they were finished sticking the boys chose a few paints and used chunky paintbrushes to make circles on each square. This was really fun as they discussed which colours would look good on top of the different coloured squares. I showed them images of Kandinskys Squares with Concentric Circles to help them along. We have looked at this painting before when layering paper circles to make flower cards for Mothers Day.

The glue and paints took a while to dry even in the sunshine. Once they had dried out I cut out the Elmer shape using a template printed from Twinkl. You could cut freehand but i am terrible at that. We then added a colourful googly eye (my favourite craft supply) with a little PVA and we have ourselves some lovely Elmers. These gorgeous elephants are going on display in the playroom. 

If you love Elmer too, why not take a look at our hunt for him last year at the herd of Sheffield.

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